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Bharatpur is a city located in Rajasthan, India. It is also known as eastern gateway to Rajasthan. This is the one of the best places for bird lovers. This place is named after Bharat who was a brother of Lord Rama. Royal family of Bharatnagar worshipped Laxmana (Brother of Lord Rama) as their deity. This place is famous for historical buildings, parks and avian sanctuaries.


What to see in Bharatpur:

Keoladeo National Park: This was established by Maharaja Suraj Mal, 250 years ago. In 1956 this was established as bird sanctuary. In 1982 this was designed as a national park. Visitors of this place can see 7 species of turtles, 392 species of angiosperms, 5 species of amphibians, 375 species of birds and 50 species of fishes.

Laxman Temple: This is 400 years old temple located at the centre of the city. It was built by Maharaja Baldev Singh. Other shrines of this temple are Hanuman, Shtrughan, Bharat and lord Rama.

Lohagarh Fort: Even after several attacks by the Britishers this fort remained unconquered. Worth visiting place of this fort are Kothi Khas, Mahal Khas, Kishori Mahal. This was built by Jat ruler Maharaja Suraj Mal in 18th century. This is one of the strongest buildings in the history of India. This fort consists of 3 palaces namely Purana Mahal, Kamra Mahal and Mahal Khas. Sandstone durbar in the fort is now acting as museum.

Government Museum: Major attractions of this museum are Weapons, coins, arms, Sculptures. All these could be more than 4000 antiques. Other name of this museum is state Archaeological museum. This remains closed in Monday.

Ganga Temple: It is located at the center of the city. In 1845, Maharaja Balwant Singh constructed this temple. South Indian, Mughal, Rajpur architecture styles can be seen on this temple. Devotees come to this temple will be given holy Ganga river water.

Bankebihari Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. It is one of the famous temples of India.


What to see around Bharatpur:

Gopal Bhavan: This was constructed in 1760. Beautiful garden can be seen before this bhavan. Marble arch is placed here. Pillars of this Bhavan are most beautiful. Rich collection of Victorian furniture, Souvenirs and curios can be seen here. In the next floors visitors can see black marble bed. It is located 35kms away from the town.

Deeg Fort: It is located 35kms away from the town. This was built in 1730 by Maharaja Suraj Mal. This fort consists of 10 gateways and 72 bastions. Elephant strikes are used to protect the gateways. Watch tower stands but interior of this fort is in ruin stage. This was built in typical bangaldar style. Garden in this fort is in Char Bagh style.

c: It consists of beautiful gardens and Palaces. It is located 32kms away from the city. This place acted as summer resort of Raja Surajmal. It is Quadrangle shaped palace. A fountain at this place is so attractive.


Getting to Bharatpur: Bharatpur is well connected through road and railways. From Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan buses are available to reach this place. From the cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur trains come to this place. Nearest airport is located at Agra which is 56kms away from the city. Private taxis are available from the port to come to Bharatpur.


Getting around Bharatpur: Autos, local buses, Taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Bharatpur.


Best time to visit Bharatpur: Best time to visit Bharatpur is between November to March.


Where to stay in Bharatpur: Plenty of accommodations available in Bharatpur. Government run forest lodges are also available here.


Where to eat in Bharatpur: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat in Bharatpur. Continental, Mughalai cuisines are available along with local cuisines.

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