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Bhadrachalam is a pilgrim town in Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh, India. This place is situated on the banks of River Godavari. This place is closely related with epic Ramayana. To save Goddess Sita from Ravana, Lord Rama crossed, River Godavari at this place. Plenty of temples are located here. Along with temples, scenic beauty of this place also attracts the people to this place.


What to see at Bhadrachalam:

Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple: This is the major attraction of this place. It was constructed during 17th century. Many avatars of Lord Rama displayed on the walls of the temple. In this temple, idol of Rama and Sita is different i.e Sita sats on the Laps of Lord Rama. Ramadasu who was the devotee of Lord Rama constructed this temple. He is a composer of Carnatic Music. Before the construction of this temple he acted as Tahsildar of Palvoncha Paragana. Two Kshetra Palakas of this main temple are Sri Annapurna Kasi Vishweswara Swamy and Sri Yogananda Jwala Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.

Ramadasu Dhyanamandiram: It is a meditation hall which is situated on the top of the hill. From this place people can have the best view of Bhadrachalam town. At this hill, Ramayanam inscribed on stone plates.

Sabari: It is the place where River Sabari joins the in River Godavari. According to mythology, a woman named Dhammakka used to stay here. When Rama was in search of Sita, he met Sabari and had taken the offerings of her. Lord Rama granted her salvation at this place. After that she took the form of River Sabari and merged into river Godavari.

Other temples in Bhadrachalam: Sri Abhayanjeneya Swamy Temple, Sri sai Baba Temple, Sri Amba Satram, Sri Harnath Baba Mandir, Sri Raja Rajeshwari temple, Sri Govinda Raja Swamy Temples are other temples in Bhadrachala.


What to see around Bhadrachalam:

Jattayu Paaka: other name of this place is Yetapaka. It is located 2kms away from Bhadrachalam. After kidnapping Sita by Ravana, bird Jatayuvu obstructed him to save Sita. Jayayuvu is a devotee of Lord Rama. After Great War between Ravana and Jatayuvu, Jatayuvu lost one of his wings that was fallen at Rekkapalli which is 55kms from this place. Heavily injured bird waited for Rama at this place to convey the message of Sita to Rama.

Parnashala: During the period of exile Lord Rama constructed Parnashala to live along with his wife Goddess Sita. This spot was selected for Lord Rama by Agastya Sage. It is located 35kms away from Bhadrachalam.

Gundala: According to Brahma Purana, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswaras will took a dip at this place during the winter season. These are hot water springs. It is located 5kms away from Bhadracalam.

Dummugudem: At this place Lord Rama Killed 14000 demons. These demons are headed by Kharadeoshana. Village was built with the ashes of these demons. It is located 25kms away from Bhadrachalam.


Getting to Bhadrachalam: Bhadrachalam is well connected with road, railways and boat ways. From all the major cities such as Vijayawada, Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Hyderabad, Machilipatnam etc buses come to this place. From Rajahmundry boats come to this place. From all the major cities trains come to this place. Nearest domestic airport is located at Rajahmundry. This airport is well connected with Chennai and Hyderabad. Nearest international airport is located at Hyderabad.


Getting around Bhadrachalam: Local buses, cabs and taxis are available to visit the places of Bhadrachalam. Buses and taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of this place.


Best time to visit Bhadrachalam: Before visiting any place it is essential to known the best time. This place welcomes the visitors throughout the year.


Where to stay in Bhadrachalam: Plenty of accommodations are available here. Apart from hotels several other resorts are also located at this place with all the luxurious amenities such as spa, swimming pool, Wi Fi etc. Best hotels are Bhadrachalam, Bhadrachalamam and Manasa Hotel, Geethanjali Residency, Godavari Hotel, Sri Sudharsana Residency.


Where to eat in Bhadrachalam: Plenty of restaurants are available at this place.

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