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Badami is a town in Bagalkot district of Karnakata. This place is famous for Structural temples and rock cut temples. Cave Temples were built from 5th to 8th centuries. Vatapi and Ilvala hills surround this town. Earlier name of Badami is Vatapi. This town acted as capital of Chalukyas. From 6th century to 8th century this region was ruled by Chalukyas. Almost all the cave temples are built by Mangalesha I and Kirthivarman who were the sons of Pulakesi. Only 4 rock temples were constructed during the reign of Chalukyas. Out of these 4 rock temple, 3 are dedicated to Hindu Gods and remaining temple is dedicated to Jain Tirthankars. Cave Exploration, Trekking and Rock Climbing are famous activities in Badami.


What to see in Badami:

Badami Fort: This is famous for two Shivalayam complexes. Upper one is dedicated to Lord Shiva and lower one is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Cave Temples: Major attraction of Badami is Cave temples. Each cave temple is dedicated to one Hindu God. In the First cave temple dancing postures of Lord Shiva with 18 arms are most attractive in this temple. Painting of Goddess Parvati can also be seen here. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Third cave temple is famous for the carving of Lord Vishnu as this temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Third temple is famous for the carvings of different avatars of Lord Vishnu. Fourth temple is famous for the carvings of Parshavnath. This is dedicated to Jain Tirthankar.

Agastya Lake: All the caves located in the town are facings towards the lake. Temples and hills are located around the lake.

Bhoothnatha Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Bhoothnath incarnation of Lord Shiva. Local Sandstone is used to construct this temple. Beautiful sculptures of avatars of Vishnu and Jain figures can be seen here.

Archaeological Museum: 4 Galleries are appeared here. Two are open air galleries. Main attractions of this museum are stone equipments and prehistoric sculptures.


What to see around Badami:

Sangameshvara Temple: It is the oldest temple in Pattadakal which is located 22kms away from Badami. Major attraction of this temple is Nataraja and Ugranarasimha. This was built by Chalukya King.

Virupaksha Temple: This is located in Pattadakal which is 22kms away from Badami. After Vikramaditya won in the war against Pallavas, Vikramaditya’s wife expressed her happiness by construed this temple. Major attractions of this temple are Sculptures of Lingodhbhava, Ravananugraha, Nataraja, and Ugranarasimha.

Ravana Phadi Cave: This was built in 6th century. It is the oldest rock cut temple. Carved pillars are major attraction of the temple. It is located 35kms away from Badami.

Lad Khan Temple: It is located 35kms away from Badami. It is the oldest temple constructed by Chalukya Kings in 5th century. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Durga Temple: It is located in Aihole which is 35kms away from Badami. This was constructed in 7th century.


Getting to Badami: This place is well connected with Roadways. From cities such as Bidar, Bangalore, Bijapur buses are available. Nearest railway station is located at Hubli which is 100kms away from Badami. Belgium is the nearest airport.


Getting around Badami: Tango’s, buses, autos are available to visit the places surrounding Badami.


Best time to visit Badami: Best time to visit this place is between October to March.


Where to stay in Badami: Plenty of accommodations are available starting from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Best hotels in Badami are Hotel Mookambika Deluxe, The Heritage Resort, Hotel New Satkar Deluxe, Hotel Mayura Chalukya, and Rajsangam International Hotel.


Where to eat in Badami: Plenty of restaurants are available. South Indian, Continental, North Indian cuisines are available to eat. Huge variety of snacks, Chutneys and rice dishes are famous in Badami.

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