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  • Date Posted: Apr 16, 2014
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  • Address: Arasavilli

Arasavilli and its uniqueness: Arasavilli Ancient Sun Temple, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh

Arasavilli is located in Srikakulam. It is 3.5 kilometers away from Srikakulam town. This is one of the ancient and historical temples in Andhra Pradesh. It is Lord Suryanarayana Swami temple and quite a large number of devotees visit this sacred place every year.

What to see in Arasavilli?

Arasavilli Sun Temple: It is a very famous temple. It is named after the Hindu Solar Deity, Surya. The original name is Harshavalli. The meaning of this is ‘abode of joy’. People believe that the temple is built for the welfare of the mankind. Historians say that it might have been built in 7th century AD by Kalinga rulers. This is one of the frequently visited pilgrimage temples in India. People visit the temple to see the sun rays fall directly on the feet of the deity. The rays first fall on the Dhwajasthambam through the Gopuram of the temple and then touch the feet of the God. The rays also fall on the foot, navel and head of the statue. The morning rays directly fall on the feet of the God only twice in a year. This rare sight takes place on in the months of March and October. The astounding fact is that the rays fall in that way, even though the gates are closed. The devotees strongly believe that the worship of Sun God will bring them wealth, health and happiness.

What to see around Arasavilli?

Srimukhalingam: It is on the banks of Vamsadhara River in Srikakulam district. It is 48 kilometers away from Srikakulam. We find it on the north of the town. The centre of attraction of this place is Srimukhalingeswara temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Srikurmam: We find this temple 18 KM away from Srikakulam. It is one of the unique temples of the world. The name of the village Srikurmam is derived from the temple name. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This is only the temple in India where Lord Vishnu is found in Kurmavathara.

Kalingapatnam: Kalingapatnam beach is located near Srikakulam. It is 20 kms away from the town. Places which will interest you are Buddhist Stupa and Light house. As there is a guest house, visitors need not bother about accommodation.

Teleneelapuram and Telukunchi: There are two bird sanctuaries in Srikakulam and each one is located in 65 and 115 kilometers respectively from the town. Teleneelapuram is near Tekkali and Telukunchi is in the Mandal of Ichapuram. Birds from different parts of the world come to these sanctuaries. Painted storks and Pelicans are center of attraction.

Getting to Arasavilli: There are buses, trains and flights available to reach Srikakulam. It is well connected to other parts of the state. If one chooses to go by train, one has to get down at Amadalavalasa and from there Srikakulam is just 13 kilometres. There is regular public and private transportation available to the RTC Complex. In the terminology of IRCTC, you find the name, Amadalavalasa as Srikakulam Road.

If you want to go by flight, you have to reach Visakhapatnam first and then move to Srikakulam, which is 106 kilometres from that place. RTC buses are available to go to the desired place.

Bus facility is also there to reach Srikakulam. Public and private buses are run on regular basis to this place. You find the buses from Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam and so on.

Getting Around Arasavilli: Local transport is available to look around Arasavilli. As it is a pleasant place, people do spend their time in the aforementioned tourist places.

Best Time to visit Arasavilli: The best time to visit this place is October and November.

Where to stay at Arasavilli: Srikakulam is the place where you find star hotels and budget hotels suiting the needs of the people.

Where to eat at Arasavilli: The food available in Srikakulam is tasty and delicious. As there are star hotels available, multiple food items are at the reach of the people. You find vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in almost all the hotels.

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