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Karnataka, South India, Hill station, History, Nature, Temple, Trekking, Valley, Water falls, Wildlife Sanctuary

Agumbe is a hill station in Shimoga district of Karnataka. This place is most popularly known as Cherrapunji of South. Agumbe is famous for Bio-diversity and scenic beauty. This is the second highest rainfall place in India. Rare species of Flora and Fauna can be seen here. Several medicinal plants such as Ficus, Eugenia, Hoiligarna, Diospyrous, Listsaea, Myristica, and Garcinia can also be seen here. Huge number of King Cobras can be found in Agumbe. Plenty of waterfall areas are located here. Trekking is the major activities in all the waterfalls. Malgudi Days, one of the most popular TV serials was shooted here. One of the main characters is Swamy. A house which was seen as residence of Swamy has completed 100 years but still stands.


What to see in Agumbe:

Agumbe Rainforest Research Station: It is located in the forest area of Agumbe. This complex consists of Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharasvathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kudremukh National Park. In the forest area of Agumbe, King Cobra is the major living Specie.

Barkana Falls: These falls are the 11th highest waterfalls in India. It is located in the forest area of Agumbe. Seeta River water flows through these waterfalls.

Sunset Point: It is located on one of the highest peaks of Western Ghats. Exact location of this point is at 14th hair Pin Bend of mountains road.

Gopala Krishna Temple: This temple was built by Karnataka Rulers in 14th century. It is famous for its beautiful sculptures. This was built in Hoysala architectural and art Style.

Koodlu Theertha Falls: This place is considered as most sacred place. It is believed that thousands of years ago sages are meditated in this place. Monkey Falls are situated very close to these falls.


What to see around Agumbe:

Jogigundi Falls: These hills are located 3kms away from Agumbe. Jogigundi is derived from Jogi. It is believed that saint is meditating inside the cave near these falls.

Onake Abbi Falls: It is located 8kms away from Agumbe. Onake Abbi is derived from the word Onake which means Pounding Stick which is used to Pound the grains.

Kuchikal Falls: These falls are located 50kms away from Agumbe. Kuchikal is a major source for hydro electric projects.

Kudremukh National Park: This place is named after Kudremukh or Horse face range. Recently this park is declared as Tiger Reserve. It is the part of Bhadra Tiger Sanctuary. This sanctuary is having 13 trekking routes.


Getting to Agumbe: Only way to reach this place is though roadways. To reach this place one has to reach Bangalore or Udupi. Nearest railway station is located at Udupi which is 55kms away from Agumbe.


Getting around Agumbe: Local buses and autos are available to visit the places around the village. Best way to see the places in Agumbe is on foot.


Best time to visit Agumbe: Throughout the year visitors can reach this place. But best time is between July to January. As heavy rainfall recorded in Agumbe every year, some of the visitors come to see the rainfall of this area during the monsoon season.


Where to stay in Agumbe: As it is small hill station accommodations are very limited. Visitors prefer to stay in Udupi. In Udupi plenty of hotels are available including Luxury Hotels. Best hotels in Agumbe are Mallya Residency and Doddamane.


Where to eat in Agumbe: Very limited restaurants are located in Agumbe. In this place Vanilla Flavoured Tea is most famous. Tea lovers have to taste this tea.

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