Hawa Mahal

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Hawa Mahal is a Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Hawa Mahal means Palace of Winds. Maharaja Sawai had built this Palace after it was designed by Lal Chand Ustad. It is so attractive in the form of Crown of Krishna.


What to see at Hawa Mahal: Lattice Work is the major attractions of this mahal. Main intension of this lattice work is to allow the royal ladies to see the day to day life of common persons. It has unique 5 storey exterior. This has 953 small miniature windows and look like honey comb web with portholes. These are carved with domes, finials and sandstone grills. All the windows were decorated with Lattice Work. Pink and Red Sandstone structure used to construct this Mahal.


It is pyramidal shape monument. Architecture of this monument is so beautiful. Unique facade of this monument comes with veritable mass of semi octagonal bays. At the centre of the courtyard visitors can see beautiful fountains. Inside rooms of the mahal looks so attractive with different colored marbles. This monument reflects Islamic Mughal architecture and Rajput architecture. Arches and inlay filigree are the best examples for Islamic style and floral patterns, Lotus, Fluted Pillars, and domed Canopies are the best examples for Rajput Style. Inside the courtyard, archaeological museum is situated. Breeze coming from the small holes gives the effect of cooling. Ramps have to be used to reach top two floors.


What to see around Hawa Mahal:

Jantar Mantar: This monument has been awarded as largest stone observatory in the world. Instruments are used to measure the time. It is located 1km away from the Mahal.

Nahargarh: For the protection of Ajmer this was constructed. It is located on the Aravalli hills. It is located 3kms away from the Mahal.

City Palace museum: Ancient manuscripts of Hindu Scriptures are the major attraction of this museum. It is located 1km away from the Mahal.

Albert Hall Museum: Major attractions of this museum are crystal works, metal sculptures, ivory goods, pottery and natural stones, Chiselled brassware, exquisite Jewellery, rare paintings. It is located 2kms away from the Mahal.

Amber Fort: In the medieval history this fort played a major role. True lifestyle of Rajputs can be known from this place. This is the right place for Muslim and Hindu architecture. It is located 8kms away from the Mahal.

Akshardham Temple: This temple is famous for its architecture, idols, sculptures and carvings. Lord Narayana is worshipped here. It is located 10kms away from the Mahal.

Shah Mahal: It is a famous hall of mirror which is situated inside the Amber Palace. This was constructed for meeting his special guests. Belgium glass used to construct this. It is located 6kms away from the Mahal.

Dolls Museum: Various countries and different states of India’s dolls with traditional costumes can be seen here. It is located 4kms away from the Mahal.


Getting to Hawa Mahal: Before reaching this Mahal one has to reach Jaipur. Jaipur is well connected with road, railways and airways. From Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Ajmer, Shahpura, etc buses come to this place. Railways of Jaipur are well connected with all the major cities such as Kolkata, Udaipur, Indore, Gwalior etc. Both domestic and international port is situated here.


Getting around Hawa Mahal: Buses and taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of the Mahal.


Best time to visit Hawa Mahal : Best time to visit this place is between October to March.


Where to stay in Hawa Mahal: No accommodations inside the Hawa Mahal. Plenty of accommodations starting from Budget to 5 star hotels are available to stay at Jaipur.


Where to eat in Hawa Mahal: Eateries are not available here. Plenty of restaurants are available in Jaipur. Dal Bati Churma is popular snack item of Jaipur.