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Amaravati is located in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Other name of this place is Dharanikota. This place is situated on the banks of river Krishna. Earlier this place was acted as capital of Andhra Satavahanas. Satavahanas ruled this place between 2nd century BCE to 3rd Century CE. After Sathavahanas, Krishna river valley was ruled by Andhra Ikshvakus, Pallava Kings, Eastern Chaulukyas and Telugu Cholas. Navaratri and Mahashivaratri are the major festivals of this place.


What to see in Amaravati:

Amaravati Temple: This is the major attraction of Amaravati. Lord Shiva is worshipped here. This temple is one of the Pancharamas. Temple consists of lot of inscription. All these inscriptions give information about the kings who ruled over the area. Lord Shiva of this place is known as Amarlingeswara.

The Stupa: Stupa is another major attraction of Amaravati. This was the site of great Buddhist Stupa. It was constructed during the reign of emperor Ashoka. Carved Panels on the stupa tells the story of life of Buddha. This stupa was completed in 200 CE. 2nd century BCE ancient sculptures found here. This stupa is buried under rubble after the decline of Buddhism.

Amaravati School: In the history of Indian Art, Amaravati school of Art occupies a pre-eminent position. Mahachaitya the majestic monument of the Buddhists situated here.


What to see around Amaravati:

Undavalli Caves: These caves are located in Undavalli which is 9kms away from Vijayawada and 30kms away from Amaravati. These caves belong to 4th and 5th century. Of all the caves, largest cave is 4 storied. At this cave single block of Granite statue of Lord Vishnu can be seen here.

Kondapalli Fort: This is major attraction of this place. Other name of this fort is Circar Mustafanagar. During 14th century this fort was built by Prolaya Vema Reddy of kodaveedu. Several rulers occupied this fort namely Krishna devaraya of Vijayanagar, Gajapati rulers, Muslim Rulers of Qutubshahi dynasty. For this there are 3 gate ways. Main entrance gate is Dargha Darwaja. Granite was used in the construction of this fort. Major attraction of this Mahal is Tanisha Mahal. It is located 58kms away from Amaravati.

Kondapalli Forest: It is located 61kms away from Amaravati. Major attractions of this place are Wolves, Wild Boar, Jackals, Wild dogs, Leopards etc.

Mangalagiri: It is located 41kms away from Amaravati. This place is one of the 8 important Mahashetrams in India. Major attraction of this place is Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple. It is the oldest Vaishnavite Temple in entire south India.

Guntur: It is a centre of learning and administrative capital of Guntur district. It is located 32kms away from Amaravati.

Vijayawada: It is located 39kms away from this town. Major attractions of this place are Kanaka Durga Temple, Bhavani Island, Prakasham barrage, Mogalarajapuram Caves, Victoria Museum, Gandhi Hill.


Getting to Amaravati: Ways to reach this place is through road or by boat. Nearest railway stations are located at Vijayawada and Guntur. Vijayawada is well connected with all the major cities. Nearest airport is located at Vijayawada. This airport is well connected to Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam.


Getting around Amaravati: Autos are available to visit the places of Amaravati. Buses and Taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Amaravati.


Best time to visit Amaravati: Amaravati welcomes the tourists throughout the year. During the summer season, temperature is too hot. Best time to visit this place is between October to March.


Where to stay in Amaravati: Major hotels at this place are Budget and Midrange. Few Luxury hotels are also available. Best hotels in Amaravati are Grand Nagarjuna Hotel, Hotel Sindoori, RCR Orchid business hotel.


Where to eat in Amaravati: Plenty of restaurants are available in Amaravati. Majority of the hotels offer only vegetarian.