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Diskit Monastery

Diskit Monastery

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Diskit Monastery is the oldest and largest Buddhist Monastery in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Changzem Tserab Zangpo was founded this Monastery in 14th century. He was the disciple of Tsong Khapa. This monastery belongs to Yellow Hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Even now it is under the control of Thiksey Monastery Management so it is considered as sub gompa of Thiksey.


What to see in Diskit Monastery: Monastery is the house for more than 100 monks. Monastery consists of Prayer hall. This hall is having several images of fierce guardian deities and a statue of Maitreya Buddha. It is believed that Mongol demon once lived in this place. This demon kept resurrecting which has been stopped only by the deities of monastery. Another attraction of this place is impressive 106 foot statue of Maitreya Buddha. Other attractions of this place are Lachung Temple and double humped Bactrain camel. Lachung Temple is one of the oldest shrines of Nubra.


With the support of non government organisation, monastery is running a school. This is known as Tibet Support Group. This school is having computer facilities also. During the winter season, people of this place celebrate, Dosmoche. Other name of this festival is Festival of the Scapegoat. According to English calendar this festival celebrates in the month of February.


What to see around Diskit Monastery:

Ensa Gompa: From this Gompa visitors can have the spectacular view of Nubra Valley. This gompa is 250 years old gompa. From Panamik Village it will take 6 hours to reach this gompa through trekking. This gompa is famous for scriptures and Buddhist Murals. It is located 63kms away from the monastery.

Samstemling Gompa: In 1962, this was inaugurated by Dalai Lama. It is located in Sumur village. Major attractions of this gompa are collection of seven shrines, thangkas, murals and Buddhist idols. It is located 31kms away from the monastery.

Hunder: This is one of the popular Buddhist Monasteries. Major attractions of this place are camel rides, sand dunes, water streams. It is located 14kms away from the monastery.

Panamik: This is one of the popular picnic spots of the place. It is India’s final frontier towards Tibet. This place is famous for hot water springs. It is located 56kms away from the monastery.


Getting to Diskit Monastery: It is well connected with road. Visitors can be reached to this place from Leh by jeep or by bus. Visitors require inner line permit to enter into the monastery. After Khalsar, one road leads to Diskit and other road leads to Sumur till Panamik. Nearest railway station is located in Jammu. Taxis are available to reach Leh. Nearest airport is located at Leh. Taxis are available to from the airport to reach Diskit monastery.


Getting around Diskit Monastery: It is a small monastery. Best way to explore monastery is on foot. Bactrian camels, Valley Jeeps are available to see the places of the monastery. Buses and jeeps are available to reach the surrounding places of the monastery.


Best time to visit Monastery: It is essential to known the best time before visiting any place. During the winter season, this place is cover with snow as snow is fall is very high. Best time to visit this place is between June to August.


Where to stay in Diskit Monastery: Limited accommodations are available to stay in Diskit Monastery. Along with hotels few guest houses are available to stay in the Diskit Village. Home stays are also available to stay.


Where to eat in Diskit Monastery: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat in Diskit village. Almost all the restaurants serve only local food.

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