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Barabar Caves

Barabar Caves

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Barabar Caves are oldest Rock cut Caves in India situated in Jehanabad district of Bihar. These caves belong to Mauryan Period of 3rd century BC. These are located on twin hills of Nagarjuni and Barabar. On the Nagarjun hills 3 caves are located and on Barabar Hills 4 caves are located.

What to see in Barabar Caves: Barabar Caves are most attractive. Plenty of sculptures are located inside the caves. These sculptures belong to both Jains and Hindus. It is believed that these sculptures are carving between 273 BC to 232 BC. Ajivika sect monks used these caves.


Vishwa Zopri, karan Chaupar, Sudama, Lomas Rishi are four caves belongs to Barabar Caves. Of all the four caves Lomas Rishi caves are most attractive caves. These are made up of Granite. It looks like Wooden Huts. These are used to live by Buddhist monks. Stupas are placed in Lomas Rishi Caves. When visitors are going towards this caves row of elephants can be seen which are most attractive.


Innner walls of Karan Chaupar Caves are polished with inscriptions. These inscriptions date back to 245BC. Karan Chaupar Caves are single room caves. Sudama Caves has circular Chambers along with mandapas. These caves have arches look like a bow. Vishwa Zopri Caves are in rectangle shape. These are having two rooms. Of all the 4 caves, Sudama and Lomas are the oldest caves and these are best example for rock cut architecture in the country.


What to see around Barabar Caves:

Ruins of Nalanda University: These ruins are located in the Nalanda town. It is the oldest Buddhist University. It is located 64kms away from these caves.

Nalanda Archaeological Museum: Four main galleries are included in this museum. Main hall consists of Nagaraj Sculptures, Parshvanath sculpture, Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Bhumisparsh postures etc…This was established in 1971. It is located 64kms away from these caves.

BodhGaya: it is the place where Buddha obtained enlightment. It is located 44 Kms away from the caves.

Kundalpur: It is located 60kms away from the caves. This place is famous for Lotus Lake and Jain temple.

Sonbhandar Caves: These caves are also known as Swarna Bhandar which means Store of Gold. It is believed that treasury of King Bimbisara present in this cave. Sonbhandar caves are most ancient and rock cut caves which were dates back to 500BC. These are located 56kms away from the Barabar Caves.

Pippala Caves: These are situated on the top of the hill, Vaibhava Hill. It is a house for the monks. It is believed that Lord Buddha has done meditation in these caves. These are natural caves. Located 52kms away from Barabar caves.


Getting to Barabar Caves: These caves are well connected with roadways. From Patna and other cities of Bihar buses are available to reach this place. Nearest railway station is located at Patna. Taxis, buses and autos are available to reach Barabar Caves from Patna railway station. Nearest airport is at Gaya which is 37kms away from these caves. Gaya airport is well connected with Varanasi, Kolkata and Delhi.


Getting around Barabar Caves: Walking is the only way to see the caves. Taxis, buses and taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Barabar Caves.


Best time to visit Barabar Caves: Best time to visit these caves is between October to March.


Where to stay in Barabar Caves: No accommodation facilities are available to stay in Barabar Caves. Nearest city is Gaya which is 44kms away from these caves. Accommodations are available to stay in Gaya.


Where to eat in Barabar Caves: Eateries are not available in Barabar Caves. It is advisable to carry food and water.

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