Elections 2014: Did Sonia Succeed In Winning Heart Of Telangana


Elections 2014: Did Sonia Succeed In Winning Heart Of Telangana

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi conducted her first ever public meeting in Telangana region (after formation of Telangana). Lack of coordination among Telangana Congress leaders is clearly visible.

Hyderabad: After concluding the T-movement which has been in existence for more than 6 decades by forming the newest state of India i.e., Telangana, congress chief Sonia Gandhi attended a public meeting in the heart of Karimnagar.

The original aim of the public meeting was to make Sonia declare that ‘congress gave Telangana and hence people of Telangana need to reciprocate by electing contestants on congress ticket’. The implementation of this otherwise great idea could not give the much needed appeal to the people.

The public meeting rather invited criticism from the various ranks indicating that the local congress leaders did not have proper coordination in various aspects including the mobilization of the people to the meeting venue, inviting the leaders on to the dias, participative speech from Sonia etc.

The speech by Sonia was completed in less than 20 minutes without any specific comment or commitment regarding congress’ plan for Telangana. As it is, congress should have claimed sole responsibility of granting statehood to Telangana. The local leaders faced utter failure in ensuring that the required punch dialogues are added in speech of Sonia.

Even the Telangana PCC chief Ponnala Laxmaiah can’t escape from the blame regarding failure in coordination and arrangements. The list of congress leaders to be called on to the dias is not comprehensive. The leaders competed amongst themselves to attract Sonia’s eye rather than the people attending the meeting.

As per the initial response on the meeting, only KCR seems to be the happiest person as the congress has not been able to cash the Sonia’s visit and public meeting. Had the meeting been organized in more professional way, it would have given congress the much needed mileage in its fight against TRS which is claiming equal or even more role in getting T-state formation.

After failure of first ever public meeting by Sonia in Telangana, the local congress leaders are planning for some more meetings from Sonia & Rahul in the state.

The Telangana state is going to polls on 30th April to elect 119 MLA & 17 MPs. Here in this state, the main competition is expected to be between TRS & congress. BJP & TDP are also in the fray but their ability to influence the next government is a question mark as of now.