Yahoo Reveals Classic Games Portal


Yahoo Reveals Classic Games Portal

Yahoo, on its official blog announced the opening of its Classic Games Portal where users can play a huge range of games on the web, iOS and Android devices. The range includes original as well as third party services. Yahoo Games general manager Jerper Jensen promised a “beautiful, elegant and easy-to-use design” that is flexible on all kinds or platforms.

Chicago: Also Yahoo Games will offer developers who are interested in offering their games, with tools and backend assistance to cater to the users. Initially the Yahoo Classic Games portal will feature some games that had some kind of popularity like Yahoo Pool, Yahoo Poker and Yahoo Bingo. Kings Road, the Last Stand, Deadzone, Ballistic and Bingo Blingo are also on board. Jensen said that a whole lot of others are soon to follow.

Some of the developers whom Yahoo is talking to include Rumble Entertainment, Dream Works, SGN, ChangYou, Namco Bandai America, Playtika, Flowplay, Con Artist Games and many more on the web and mobile, he said.

Yahoo had acquired Player Scale in May last. The Yahoo Games Network was introduced as a brand new platform for third party developers that would help in distributing and monetizing their games, provide social sharing and analytical support for growth. Yahoo also plans to improve with additional features. It most ambitious plan is to create a cross-platform network for developers looking to reach the untapped gaming audience of its 800 million users worldwide.

Meanwhile, Yahoo is also changing its signing-in process through Flickr. Soon users will not be able to sign in through their Facebook and Google accounts through Flickr as Yahoo is disallowing external log-ins from its services. Starting with Fantasy Sports, the new log-in process will be gradually effective to all other Yahoo services.

This means you will have to sign in to your Yahoo account just as it was way back in 2010, when its ex CEO Carol Bartz introduced the competitor’s accounts as a new way to get more people use Yahoo services. It is a subtle way of Yahoo to ‘own’ your account so that it can make use of user data to serve ads or to put it in its own words “to give a personalized experience”.

In another revelation, Flappy Bird, a popular game that was recently removed from the net might make a comeback. According to Twitter, the game’s creator Dong Nguyen hinted as much, twice in his recent tweets. But ‘not so soon’ were his words of restraint.