NDTV Poll Survey: BJP Has Reasons To Smile And Worry As Well

NDTV Poll Survey: BJP Has Reasons To Smile And Worry As Well

NDTV forecast for 2014 mentions 230 seats for NDA. Can NDA rope in other partners post polls?

New Delhi: With the elections around the corner, more and more organizations have been finding themselves busy conducting various poll surveys and concluding summaries thereof.

delhi bjp getting support from unexpected corners

One of the latest survey by NDTV projects 230 seats for NDA (with 196 seats by BJP). This figure is short of just 42 seats for the magic figure of 272 (simple majority in Lok Sabha having strength of 543 MPs).

This survey result is a reason for happiness in NDA camp as well as a cause of worry also. Happiness is because if NDA can really achieve this figure of 230 on its own, there is every possibility that other neutral players are naturally attracted to the party in power. Those parties may join the government or extend outside support.

As per the survey, the neutral parties include Naveen Patnaik’s BJD (with 17 MP seats from Orissa), Mamata Banerjee’s AITC (32 seats from West Bengal), Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK (27 seats from Tamilnadu). The combined total of these neutral parties is 76 MP seats. Additon of these 76 seats bring NDA’s figure to 306 which is much higher than the magic figure of 272 MP setats.

The calculation of these parties is unique and different in the sense that these were part of NDA earlier, these are regional parties which are individual centric and the party in power in those respective states. Another point of consolation (as far as this survey is concerned) is that the share of votes polled by AAP has to be downward revised in view of the reduced popularity of the party as well its chief Arvind Kejriwal. Under those circumstances, the seats to be won by NDA & UPA might also go for smaller changes because any small change in votes shared by one party can largely influence the poll outcome as well.

Cause of worry is because these parties though interested to support the government, in view of their large number of MP support their behavior may be unimaginable.

If BJP and NDA can come out of the internal problems faced by them, they may be able to get better votes and seats in the ensuing elections.