HTC might be releasing its new Windows 8.1 phone

HTC might be releasing its new Windows 8.1 phone

HTC has been developing good android phones quietly but they are also working on Window models too. They will have Window Phone 8.1 flagship soon available in market.

According to Evleaks, no specifications have been leaked yet. As this phone is based in Windows OS, it will have Qualcomm Sanpdragon Processor. This process is quad core and model may be 801 or805. Rest of the phone can be same as other Windows Phones.


Only thing of interest is to see what would be the body structure of the phone. Like M8, we can expect aluminium body design. M8 has already raised its bar high, so next model has to better than this.

The other thing will be about the camera, how many pixels the will have. Current M8 uses dual camera arrangement with UltraPixel camera technology. Everything is assumption for now. We will have to wait and see, what HTC is aiming for it new phone.

HTC has not put much of their efforts in making windows phones. Only HTC 8XT is only the phone they are currently offering with Windows 8. Hope more information will come up from company’s side for its next Windows 8.1 based phone.

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