SPY: Is this Harley Davidson’s 400 – 500 CC Bike for India?

Harley Davidson

SPY: Is this Harley Davidson’s 400 – 500 CC Bike for India?

New Delhi: The global leader of the luxury motor cycle making, Harley Davidson has already made the Indian bike lovers excited about a few months ago. A rumor spread that the manufacturer is looking forward to develop a new series of 400 – 500 cc motorbikes especially for Indian market as the sale volume of the globally reputed variants in India is considerably low.

As Indian market is price concerned, the higher end motor bikes having displacement over 1000 CC are scarcely chosen by Indian buyers. Though there are a few models that have been reputed in the Indian market over past few years, Harley Davidson is not able to generate convincing revenue. In spite of knowing the fact that Indian market is one of the largest in the world, Harley is unable to have a breakthrough so far. Thus Harley has decided to concentrate on mid level premium luxury motor bikes in order to make a difference.

Now, a team from ‘Team BHP’ has grabbed few snaps of an unrevealed Harley Davidson model on Indian roads and has revealed the snaps over web which have gone viral over past few days. It is expected that this unit is a test vehicle of the upcoming 400 – 500 cc segment motorbike from Harley Davidson in India. If it is true, Indian bike lovers are going to have a feast very soon as we can observe that the motor bike spied has already finished the development phase.

The respective vehicle spied was not at all having any logo on its body which led us in confusion. We should not take it as Harley Davidson’s bike as other motor bike manufacturers have also started testing some brand new models for the Indian market. Some of the major launches in next few months include the GV250 Aquila from Hyosung. But there are a lot of similarities we can observe in the spied bike which we normally find in Harley Davidson’s bikes. Let’s hope the spied vehicle is a future project of Harley Davidson for India..

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