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Yelagiri is a hill station Village of Tamilnadu in Vellore district. This village is surrounded by green valleys, rose gardens and orchards. Yelagiri is famous for trekking activity. Other activities of this place are Paragliding, rock climbing. It is also known as Poor Man’s Ooty. Earlier this place was under the control of Yelagiri Zamindars. In 1950 this place was undertaken by the Indian government. It is believed that Tipu Sultan Soldiers came to this place and settled in this region. After few years they became cultivators. Yelagiri Summer festival is most famous in Yelagiri. This is 3 days annual event celebrates in the month of May. Dog shows and Flower shows are major attraction during this festival season.


What to see in Yelagiri:

Nature Park: Area covered by this park is 12acres. It is the home to large number of plant species. Artificial lake was arranged inside the park. Fish aquarium in the park attracts the visitors. Large varieties of fishes along with tortoises can be seen here.

Don Bosco Centre: This is IT centre which was founded by Fr.Guezou of France. Aim of this centre is provide education to poor for best future.

Swami Malai Hill: Shape of the hill is like a cake. This place is famous for mountain climbing and trekking activities.

Yelagiri Lake: This is artificial lake created by man.

Nilavoor Lake: This is the best place for boating in Yelagiri. Garden look near the lake also attracts several visitors. Another attraction near the lake is Devi Temple which belongs to Kadavu Nachiyar. One interesting thing in this temple is, puja in this temple conducts only between 11 PM to 12PM on Friday.

Moksha Vimochana Temple: Before 14 years this was built by a saint. It is located near Nilavoor Lake. Architecture is most famous in this temple.


What to see around Yelagiri:

Nilavoor Tribal Village: It is located 3kms away from the village Yelagiri. Nilavoor Tribal village is famous for the park and for a small lake.

Jalamparai Falls: This valley is surrounded by lush Flora. This place is dry during summer season. Tourists rush will be more between November to February. It is located 5kms away from Yelagiri.

Vainu Bappu Observatory: It is located 51kms away from Yelagiri. Prior permission is essential to see this observatory. It is the house of Asia’s Largest Telescope.

Government Silk Farm: It is located 5kms away from Yelagiri. This is located at Mangalam. It is a home to silk worms.

Punganaur Lake: It is located 81kms away from Yelagiri. This is manmade artificial lake. This place is famous for boating and rowing activities.


Getting to Yelagiri: Only way to reach this place is though road. Private and Government buses are available to reach this place. From Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai buses come to this place frequently. Nearest railway station is located at Jolarpettai Junction. Bangalore airport is the nearest airport.


Getting around Yelagiri: To see the hill station walking is the best option. Buses are available to visit the places surrounding Yelagiri.


Best time to visit Yelagiri: Between November to February is the best time to visit Yelagiri.


Where to stay in Yelagiri: Dormitories and basic accommodation will be provided by YMCA Camp. From 2kms away from the Yelagiri Lake few resorts are available. Swimming pool, indoor games, gardens are available in these resorts.


Where to eat in Yelagiri: Very limited restaurants are available in Yelagiri. Most of the restaurants are located near Yelagiri Lake.

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