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Shivpuri is an ancient town in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. Earlier this place acted as summer camp to Scindia rulers of Gwalior. Historical name of Shivpuri is Sipri. After independence name of this town is changed as Shivpuri. Forest near Shivpuri used as hunting place by the Mughals. In this forest huge crowd of elephants are captured by the Emperor Akbar. Forest is now converted into National Park with the intension to protect wildlife. This place is famous for flora and fauna. Britishers hanged Tatya Tope in Shivpuri. During first war of Independence, Jhansi Rani along with Tatya Tope played a major role.


What to see in Shivpuri:

Madhav Vilas Palace: This is the summer recreation for Scindia’s. From this palace visitors can view Madhav National park and Shivpuri Town very clearly. This Palace is popularly known as The Mahal. Terraces of this Palace are so beautiful and finished with Marble floors. Now this palace is using by Indian Intelligence Bureau to run training centre.

Chhatri: This is the empty tomb of Scindia’s. It reflects both Islamic and Hindu style. Near this tomb another attraction is Mughal garden.

Madhav National Park: It is the main attraction of Shivpuri. Area covered by this is It was the hunting spot for the Mughals. Trees in this temple are also most attractive. Major attraction of this National Park is Palash, Tendu, Dhawda, kerdhai, Salai etc…Major tree attractions of this place are Palash, Tendu, Dhawda, Kerdhai, Salai, Khair etc…

George Castle: This is located inside the Madhav national Park. It was constructed in 1911 by Jivaji Rao. King George used to stay in the nights when he came for hunting.

Banganga: This place is famous for 52 sacred kunds. It is believed that Arjuna shot an arrow to get water out of the ground when Bhishma is so thirsty. Arjuna and Bhishma are Pandava Brothers.

Other attractions of Shivpuri: Other attractions of Shivpuri are Tatya Tope Memorial, Bhoora Khon Waterfalls, Madua Shiva Temple, Sakhya Sagar Lake and Boat Club.


What to see around Shivpuri:

Karera Bird Sanctuary: It is located 58kms away from Shivpuri. This place is famous for different variety of animals and birds. Another attraction of this sanctuary is Bearded Bustard, Indian Bustard, and Colored Bustard.

Narwar Fort: It is located 41kms away from Shivpuri. This was constructed in Rajput style by Kachwaha Rajputs.

Bhadiya Kund: It is located 12kms away from Shivpuri. During the monsoon season this is the best picnic spot. This place is famous for mineral content.

Other attractions near Shivpuri: Other attractions near Shivpuri are Survaya Ki Garhi, Pawa waterfalls, Son Chiriya Bird Sanctuary, Mohini Pik up Wear, Sultan Garh Falls.


Getting to Shivpuri: Only way to reach this place is through road. From Aligarh, Agra, Jabalpur, Fariadabad, Lucknow, Gwalior buses are available to reach this place. Nearest railway station is at Jhansi which is 92kms away from Shivpuri.


Getting around Shivpuri: Buses, Taxis, Jeeps are available to visit the surrounding places of Shivpuri.


Best time to visit Shivpuri: Best time to visit this place is between November to April.


Where to stay in Shivpuri: Only Budget and midrange hotels are available to stay in Shivpuri. Most of the midrange hotels are located in Chhatri road. In the circular road budget hotels are located. Luxury hotels cannot be seen here.


Where to eat in Shivpuri: Both vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food are available. Famous snacks in Shivpuri are Bhutte Ki Kees, Malpua, Kopra pak, Kebabas. Best food is available in Circular road and Jhansi Road.

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