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Kohima is hilly capital of Nagaland, India. It is the land of Angami Naga tribe. Earlier name of this place is Thigoma. As Britishers unable to pronounce this name they have changed the name as Kohima. This place is famous for wild flowering plants. This town is named after one of the wild plant called Kewhi. Kohima region consists of 16 principle tribes. All belongs to Naga Tribes. Naga Bazaar and Ruzaphema are best places for the shopping lovers. Decorative items, Vests and Shawls are worth buying here.


What to see in Kohima:

Catholic Church: In the North East Region of India, this church is the biggest church. Missionary sisters of Jesus Christ came to this place in 1948 to provide service to the civil hospital of the region. From then onwards Christianity spread in this region.

War Cemetery: This cemetery consists of more than 1420 funerals of the soldiers who died during Japanese invasion at the time of World War II. It is best historical site in Kohima. It consists of 330 Indian Burials, 5 Canadian and 1100 British Burials.

Nagaland State Museum: Rare collection of artefacts which belongs to 16 tribes can be seen here. Other attractions of this place are inscriptions, traditional attires, necklaces, precious stones, clan motifs.

Japfu Peak: One of the major attractions of this place is Rhododendron Tree. This tree entered into Guinness book of world Record. Height of this tree is 130 feet tall. Trekking is the other attraction of this place.

Kohima Museum: Collection of beer mugs, gadgets for Kitchen, farm implements, precious stones, is the major attractions of this museum.


What to see around Kohima:

Dzukou Valley: This is located 25kms away from Kohima. It looks so beautiful with multi colored rhododendrons, Euphorbia, aconitum and Lilies. This valley is used for trekking purpose. Trekking is the major attraction for several visitors.

Tuophema: State Government declared this village as ancient Heritage village. This place is so clam. Social system of Nagas can be known from here. Famous dishes of Nagas such as Bamboo baked fish; rice beer, bamboo and Pork are available here. It is located 35kms away from Kohima.

Zoological Park: It is located 70kms away from Kohima. Rare Bird species, Tragopan is the major attraction of this park. This is the state bird of Nagaland. Animal attractions of this place are Golden Langur, Wild Buffalo etc. Jungle Safari, Nature trips and Bird watching activities are major attractions of this place.

Intangki Wildlife sanctuary: This is located 45kms away from Kohima. Major attractions of this sanctuary are Mithun, Elephants, Tiger, Black Stork, Khaleej, Common Pheasant, Hornbill etc. Flora and Fauna are also other attractions of this place.

Ruzaphema: This is major attraction for shopping lovers. Beautiful and Unique shops are made by tribal women of Nagaland. It is located 5kms away from Kohima.


Getting to Kohima: Only way to reach this place is road way. From cities such as Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Meghalaya buses come to this place. Nearest railway station and airport is at Dimapur.


Getting around Kohima: Buses, Vans and Cars are available to visit the surrounding places of Kohima. Travel in the smallest vehicles is more safe as this a hilly region.


Best time to visit Kohima: Best time to visit Kohima is between November to March.


Where to stay in Kohima: Accommodations are very limited in Kohima. Only budget and midrange hotels are available to stay in Kohima. Cost of budget hotels is between Rs.500 to Rs.700. Cost of midrange hotels is ranging between Rs.800 to Rs.1500.


Where to eat in Kohima: This is known for non vegetarian. Most famous food is Zouthou, Ghalo and Bamboo baked with Fish.