Tabo Monastery

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Tabo Monastery is located in Tago village of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India. In the Tibetan Era Fire Ape, this monastery was founded. This monastery is famous for murals, frescos, statues, stupas, manuscripts and Thankas. It was reconstructed after the earthquake of 1975.


What to see in Tabo Monastery:

Architecture: Tabo Monastery consists of cave Shrines, 4 decorated stupas, and 9 temples. Temples belongs to 15th to 20th centuries, Stupas belongs to 13th to 14th centuries and Paintings of the main temple 10th to 11th centuries. Huge collection of Pramana and manuscripts texts can be seen at this monastery. These belong to 1991 to 1998.

Main Temple: Main temple consists of entry hall and assembly hall. Entry hall has pictures of Yeshe O’d and his two sons Devaraja and Nagaraja. They were the founders of this monastery. In the main temple, visitors can see 110 cm height Vairocana. Painted decorations of sculptures can be seen here. On the walls of the main temple scriptures written on wooden planks can be seen here. More than 50 clay images are located here.

Older Temples: Golden temple is said to be covered with Gold. In 16th century it was renovated by Sengge Namgyal. Other ancient temple of this monastery is Bodhisattva Maitreya temple. Height of this main statue of this temple is 6meters. Other attraction among the old temples is Trom ton Temple. Murals of eight medicine Buddhas can be seen here. Paintings are the major attraction of interiors of Small Trom- ton.

Newer Temple: Largest newer temple of this complex is Temple of Dromton. This temple is famous for paintings. Other main temple among new temples is Mahakala Vajra Bhairava Temple. There are 5 temples in this monastery.

Stupas: Temple complex consists of several stupas. Four stupas are most attractive with interior paintings. These stupas belong to 13th century.


What to see around Tabo Monastery:

Ki Monastery: In the Spiti Valley this is the largest monastery. This monastery is famous for wind instruments, stucco images, rare manuscripts, thangkas, and murals. This monastery is dates back to 1000 years. This is the best place for Pasada Style of architecture. It consists of 3 floors. Small rooms in the monastery are allotted to monks. Underground is used as storage and Ground Floor is used as assembly hall.

Kaza: It is the base point for trekking. Places to visit in Kaza are Hikkim Monastery and Sa Kya Pa Sect monastery.

Dhankar: Main intension to build this fort is to keep an eye on enemies and enjoy the Spiti Valley by seeing from this place. Old temple in Dhankar is known as Lha O Pa Gompa.

Pin Valley: It is located on the banks of river Pin. Major activities in this place are archery competitions and Horse racing. Most of the tourists attracts towards Chamurti Horses. It is a part of Spiti Valley.

Kunzam Pass: Height is 4590 meters above the sea level. It is the gateway to Spiti Valley. It offers best view of Shigri Parbat.

Langza: Langza is known as maritime fossils.

Kibber: Lush Green fields and agricultural forms are abundant. Major crops are Peas and Barley. This place is famous for monasteries, barren splendour, and scenic mountains. Plenty of fossils present in and around Kibber.


Getting to Tabo Monastery: Before reaching this place, visitors have to reach to Kaza. Kaza can be reached either from Manali or from Shimla. Route from Shimla to Kaza remains open from May to October only. Nearest railway station is Jogindernagar. Nearest board gauge stations are Chandigarh and Shimla. Taxis and Buses are available from Chandigarh and Shimla to reach Kaza. Nearest airports are available at Manali and Shimla.


Getting around Tabo Monastery: Best way to explore this monastery is on foot. Buses and Taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of this monastery.


Best time to visit Tabo Monastery: Best time to visit this monastery is between May to October.


Where to stay in Tabo Monastery: Only Budget hotels and dormitories are available to stay here.


Where to eat in Tabo Monastery: Only one restaurant is available here. It serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian food.