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Manipur, North East India, Hill station, Nature, Shirui Lily Flowers, Tangkhul Nagas, Valley, Water falls, Wildlife Sanctuary

Ukhrul is a town and hill station in Ukhrul district of Manipur, India. This is the best place for natural lovers. Climate of this place is so beautiful. Rare Shirui Lily welcomes the visitors to this place. Other added attractions of this place are Crystal Clear River, knolls, mountain ranges and waterfalls. Winter tend to be so cool. This place is also famous for Tangkhul Nagas. It is believed that Tangkhuls come from China Centuries ago. Nagas were the first to embrace Christianity and Western Education.


What to see in Ukhrul:

Shirui Kashung Peak: This peak is famous for Shirui Lily Flowers. It is Manipur state flower. These flowers grow only in this region. Shirui Lily Flowers blooms between May and June. In this region this is the highest peak. Rare birds like Mrs.Hume’s Bar Backed Pheasant and Lyth’s tragopan can be seen here.

Duncan Park: In Ukhrul district this is the largest park which was established in 1984.
Khayang Peak:
Height of this peak is 3114meters. This is one of the highest peaks of this region.

Ango Ching: Area covered by this place is 150 sq.kms. Virgin forest is located here. This forest is the home town to plenty of animals such as Tigers, Sambar, Black bear, Wild Cats, Leopards. Birds like Horn bill, tragopan, Peacock can also be seen here.


What to see around Ukhrul:

Khangkhui Cave: This place is known for Palaeolithic era artifacts. During the World War II, this was used as a Shelter by the local people. In this place visitors can see two chambers of devil kings, royal bed rooms, and Durbar Hall. It is located 15kms away from the town.

Azoe Jenephiu Magi Lake: It is located 15kms away from Ukhrul. Kachophung Lake is very close to Azoe Jenephiu Magi Lake. It is situated in Achuwa Magi Hills. Area covered by this lake is 9 acres.

Kachouphung Lake: It is situated on Achuwa Magi Hills. This lake is 7kms away from Khayang Falls. Due to the practice of Common Crap and colour fish, Pisciculture is practised here.


Getting to Ukhrul: Only way to reach this place is through road. From Imphal plenty of buses are available to reach this place. Dimapur is the nearest railway station. Plenty of taxis are available to reach this place. It is located 300 kms away from Ukhrul. Nearest air port is located at Imphal. From the cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata are available to reach this place. From Imphal airport taxis are available to reach this place.


Getting around Ukhrul: Best way to visit the surrounding place is through bus and Taxis. Bus is the cheapest means of transport.


Best time to visit Ukhrul: Ukhrul welcomes the visitors throughout the year. But summer is the best time to visit the place.


Where to stay in Ukhrul: Accommodation facilities in Ukhrul is very limited. Only Budget and Midrange hotels are available to stay in Ukhrul. Cost of the hotels is very nominal. Best hotel in Ukhrul is Continental Hotel.


Where to eat in Ukhrul: Very limited restaurants are available to have food in Ukhrul. All the restaurants serve local cuisine. Best hotel in Ukhrul is Continental Hotel.

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