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Arunachal Pradesh , History, Nature, Water falls

Tawang is a town in North West part of Arunachal Pradesh, India. This town is the district head quarters of Tawang district. Naming of the word is Ta means Horse and Wang means Chosen. For the Tibetan Buddhists this is the holy place as this is the birth place of sixth Dalai Lama. In the medieval times this town is a part of Tibet. During the British rule Britishers defeated Tibet and captured Tibetian and surrounding areas. At that time Britishers made Tawang as centre for their influence.


Famous folk dance in Tawang is Aji Lhamu. This dance is the Tibetian version of Ramayana. Different festivals celebrated here are Losar, Torgya, Choekor, Gaden Ngamchoe, Dukpa Tse She, and Saka Dawa. Most famous traditional dances are peacock dance, Lion dance, Yak dance. These dances are performing by both men and women. Several Buddhist Monasteries can be seen in and around Tawang. Famous game of Tawang is Archery. This is the best place for shopping beautiful bags, Buddha Statues, bamboo utensils, carpets, wood carvings, Chadars etc…


What to see in Tawang:

Tawang Monastery: In the world this is the 2nd oldest Monastery. Lhasa is the first oldest monastery. In the 17th century this was founded by Mera Lama Lodre Gyatso. Here in this place 65 buildings were constructed for the monks. This place is also known as Gonpa.

Regyaling Gonpa: This is just one Km away from -Tawang. Rigya Rinpoche constructed this Gonpa.

Banga Jang Lake: This is one of the best places to see. Banga Jang Lake is the best place for the natural lover as they can see scenic beauty.


What to see around Tawang:

Urgelling Gonpa: This is the birth place of 6th Dalai Lama. It is Situated 3 Kms away from Tawang. It is believed that this was existed during 14th century.

Gyangong Ani Gonpa: Beautiful nunnery can be seen here. This place is also known as Buddhist Nunnery. Trekking is essential to reach this place. For the trekking lovers this is the best place. This is situated 2.5 Kms away from Tawang.

Shonga tser Lake: This place is 42 Kms away from Tawang. Shonga Tser Lake was formed after 1950 earthquake. Other name of this lake is Madhuri Lake. In the Hindi Movie Koyla any one can see this lake.

Bong Bong Waterfalls: Other name of these waterfalls is Nuranang waterfalls which are located 40 Kms away from Tawang. This is the beautiful place for natural lovers.

Other places to see: Gorsam Chortem, Taktsang Gonpa, Ghesila Range, Gorichen Park, BTK Water falls, Tawang War Memorial, seal Pass.


Getting to Tawang: only way to reach this place is roadways. Buses and Taxies are always available to reach this place. Nearest Railway station and Airport is located at Tezpur.


Getting around Tawang: Walking is the best way to see the places around Tawang.


Best time to Visit Tawang: of all the seasons’ best time to visit Tawang is between April to October.


Where to stay in Tawang: Only low and middle range hotels are available in this place. Luxury hotels are not available. Circuit House and Government Tourist Lodge are the best places to stay. In order to stay here permission has to be taken before hand.


Where to eat in Tawang: Monpas is the traditional food here. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food can avail here but little bit costly as everything has to be imported from other places. Very few restaurants are available.

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