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  • Date Posted: Apr 10, 2014
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  • Address: Srikalahasti

Srikalahasti is one of the holy places in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India. This place is located near sacred place Tirupati. It is one of the Pancha Bhoota Sthalam of Lord Shiva. Srikalahasti is derived from the words Sri, kala and Hasti; Sri Means Spider, Kala means Serpent and Hasti means elephant. According to Hindu mythology, these 3 living creatures worshipped Lord Shiva at this place to attain salvation. Other name of this place is Dakshina Kailasam. South Indian Style, Dravidian Structural designs can be seen here.


What to see at Srikalahasti:

Srikalahasti Temple: Other name of this temple is Srikalahastiswara Swamy Temple. Lord Shiva is worshiped here. At this place Baktha Kannappa had given his eyes to Lord Shiva to stop the blood coming out from the Shiva lingam. In this temple complex, Vayu Deva Temple is situated. It is the only temple of Vayu (Wind) in India. This temple is carved out of a big hill. Gopuram is 120 feet height. Rajendra Cholas renovated this temple in 12th century.

Bhaktha Kannappa Temple: It is located at the east of Srikalahasti Temple. Place Baktha Kannappa had given his eyes to Lord Shiva to stop the blood coming out from the Shiva lingam. Due to his devotion towards God, he had given equal importance and placed here. First offering is made to Kannappa and then to Lord Shiva.

Durgambika Temple: It is one of the ancient temples at this town.

Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple: It is located at the centre of the town. Major festival is Aadi krithika festival which celebrates for 8days.

Thondamanadu Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple: From the main kalahasti temple it is located 10kms away. Lord Venkateshwara is worshipped here along with Padmavathi Ammavaru and Sri Lakshmi Devi.

Bharadwaja Tirtham: It is situated to the east of Srikalahasti Temple. It is believed that during krita Yuga, Maharishi Bharadwaja meditated at this place.

Chaturmukeshvara Temple: Lord Shiva worshipped here with 4 faces. Bas relief carvings can be seen here. Lord Shiva and Brahma were worshipped here. It is located on the hill top. Visitors need to climb 80 steps to reach this temple.

Prasanna Varadaraja Swami Temple: It is located near Srikalahasti Temple.


What to see around Srikalahasti:

Gudimallam: In Srikalahasti Mandal it is one of the historical temples which is located 37kms away from the town. It is located very near to Renigunta Railway station. Shiva Linga at this place discovered between 1st century and 2nd century BC. This lingam was installed in Parasurameswara Temple. People believed that Shiva Lingam in the temple is manifestation of Trimurthi, Brahma at the bottom, and Vishnu at middle and Shiva at the top.

Sahasra Linga Temple: Visitors can see 1000 Lingas within the shrine. It is located in the middle of the forest with hill as its backdrop. This is situated 10kms away from the town.

Veyilingala kona Waterfalls: It is located 8kms away from Srikalahasti. It is believed that this water is having the capacity to cure skin diseases.

Tirupati: This is the sacred place for Hindus. Lord Venkateswara is worshipped here. It is located 36kms away from Srikalahasti.

Talakona Waterfalls: It is located 96kms away from this place. These are height waterfalls in the state whose height is 82m. In 1990 it was declared as biosphere reserve.


Getting to Srikalahasti: This place is well connected with road and railways. From all the major cities buses and trains come to this place. Nearest airport is located at Tirupati. From the airport plenty of call cabs, taxis are available to reach this place.


Getting around Srikalahasti: Buses, Taxis, call cabs are available to visit the surrounding places of the town.


Best time to visit Srikalahasti: Best time to visit this place is in February, March, October, November and December.


Where to stay in Srikalahasti: Plenty of accommodations are available at Srikalahasti. Best hotels are Hotel MGM Grand, Sri Sai Teja Residency, Ramas Residency, and Trinetra Guest House.


Where to eat in Srikalahasti: Several restaurants are available here to have food at this place. Predominantly vegetarian food is available here.

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