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Uttarakhand, North East India, Fruit Bowl of Kumaon, Hill station, Mountian Biking, Nature, Temple, Trekking, Valley, Water falls

Ramgarh is a hill station in Uttarakhand. For the Uttarakhand People this is best place for summer recreation. This is located at the height of 1789m above the sea level. Ramgarh is most famous for apples, pears, apricots Orchids. This place was first found by Britishers. They have developed this region as cantonment to the British army. Bungalows and hotels of this place can be seen in Britishers style. Colonial architecture can be seen in this place. Other name of this place is Fruit Bowl of Kamaon.


Several famous personalities of India loved this place. Rabindranath Tagore always memorise about the beauty of this place. He had written several songs when he visited to this place. Narain Swami established ashrams in this place. He is a notable social activist. Harela is the famous festival celebrates at this place. Other festivals such as Basant Panchmi and Makar Sankranti also celebrate very grandly.


What to see in Ramgarh:

Ashrams: Ashrams are major attraction of this place. These are built by great social activist Narain Swami.

Library of Mahadevi Varma: Library in Ramgarh is especially dedicated to Mahadevi Varma. He is most famous writer. He got an idea of writing famous story Lachma in this place.

Giriji Devi Temple: Apart from Library and Ashram this place is also famous for Giriji Devi Temple. This temple is dedicated to Giriji Devi.

Other attractions of Ramgarh: Other attractions of Ramgarh are outdoor activities. Those outdoor activities are Camping, River Crossing, and Mahseer Fishing. For fishing forest department permission is required. Adventure activities also conducts at this place namely mountain biking, Rappelling, Rock Climbing.


What to see around Ramgarh:

Nathuakhan: For nature walks and meditation this is the best idle place. This place is blessed with picturesque hilly terrains and lush green valley. It is located above sea level of 6365 feet which is 6kms away from Ramgarh.

Sattal: Other name of this town is Town of Seven Lakes. It is located 35kms away from Ramgarh. This place is most famous for fresh water lakes. Seven lakes are among the few unspoilt fresh water bodies in India.

Bhimtal: It is located 32kms away from Ramgarh. This place is most famous for its lake. Name of this town is named after the lake Bhimtal. Other attractions of this town are dam on Bhimtal Lake and Bhimeshwar temple. This temple belongs to 17th century.

Nainital: It is located 34kms away from Ramgarh. This place is known for plenty of lakes and green hills. Due to this place, this place is named as Lake District of India. Amazing view of several peaks are other attractions of this place. Hundreds of ancient temples can be seen here.


Getting to Ramgarh: Ramgarh is well connected through road. From Nainital and Naukuchital buses are available to reach this place. From Delhi government buses come to this place regularly. Nearest railway station is located at Kathgodam. From the cities such as Jammu, Kanpur, Howra, Dehradun, Ranikhet, Delhi trains halt at this station. Nearest domestic airport is located at Pantnagar. Taxis are available to reach to Ramgarh from this airport.


Getting around Ramgarh: Hill station can be seen on foot. Buses and taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Ramgarh.


Best time to visit Ramgarh: It is essential to known the best time before visit any place. Best time to visit this place is between March to May.


Where to stay in Ramgarh: Plenty of accommodations are available to stay in Rangarh. But all are budget and midrange hotels. Luxury hotels cannot be seen here. KMVN guest house is also available to stay in Ramgarh.


Where to eat in Ramgarh: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat in Ramgarh. Restaurants attached with hotels are the best option to have food in Ramgarh.

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