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Pushkar is a town in Rajasthan, India. It is one of the 5 sacred dhams for Hindu devotes. Pushkar is located on the shores of Pushkar Lake. This lake has 52 ghats. Pushkar means Blue Lotus Flower. Annual fair i.e Pushkar Camel Fair is famous at this place. This fair celebrates during November. Other fairs of this place are Blue Lotus Festival, Tejaji Fair, and Nagaur Fair.


What to see at Pushkar:

Brahma Temple: Lord Brahma, Creator of the World, is worshipped here. It is one of the sacred places to the Hindus. Inside the temple visitors can see Silver Carved Turtle and Life sized four armed idol of Lord Brahma. This temple was constructed in 14th century. Other attractions of this temple are Lord Brahma’s vehicle, image of swan, marble floors, stone slabs, red spire, and raised platform.

Pushkar Lake: It is considered as one of the most sacred lakes for Hindus. People believe that, origin of this lake is from the lotus petals of Lord Brahma. Visitors of this lake can see 52 bathing Ghats, 400 temples, 52 Palaces. It is believed that having bath in this lake will wipe off all the sins.

Savitri Temple: Temple is dedicated to Savitri, consort of Lord Brahma. Trekking is essential to reach this temple. From this place visitors can have spectacular view of Sand Dunes and Pushkar Lake.

Man Mahal: Rajasthani Architecture can be seen on this mahal. It was built by Raja Man Singh of Amber. Currently it is acting as tourist bungalow of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation.

Rangji Temple: Lord Rangji who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is worshipped here. Mughal Architecture and South Indian Architectural styles can be seen here. Images of Lord Vishnu mount and Garuda can be seen here.

Pushkar Bazaar: This is the best place for shopping lovers. Major attractions of this place are handicraft items, glass lamps, brass utensils, embroidery shoes, Curios, decorative accessories and pieces, puppets, Rajasthani Costumes etc.

Other attractions of Pushkar: Other attractions of Pushkar are Mahadeva Temple, Varaha Temple, Aptaeswar Temple, Raghunath Temple, Naga Pahar, and Pap Mochani Temple.


What to see around Pushkar:

Ajmer: It is located 15kms away from Pushkar. . Aravalli Mountains covers this city. This is the holy place for both Hindus and Muslims. Ajmer Attractions are Dargarh Sharif, Taragarh, Archaeological Museum, Ana Sagar Lake, Rani Mahal, Nasiyan Jain temple, Akbar’s Palace.

Kishangarh: Rathores rules this place. This fort consists of Phool Mahal which is now converted into hotel. Major attractions of this fort is Kishangarh Art i.e. Miniature Painting style. Rich stone house of marbles can be seen here. It is located 42km away from Pushkar.

Roopangarh: In 1648, this fort was built by King Roop Singh of Kishangarh. It is nine turreted fort. Several architectural styles can be seen here. It is located 59kms away from Pushkar.

Merta: This place is famous for Palaces and Temples. Merta is founded 400 years ago. In the desert area it is major trading post. Major attractions of this place are Meera Bai Temple, Bhanwal Mata Temple, and Aurangzeb Mosque. It is located 51kms away from Pushkar.


Getting to Pushkar: Only way to reach this place is through road way. From Delhi, Udaipur, Jodhpur etc buses come to this place. Nearest railway station is located at Ajmer. Nearest airport is located at Jaipur.



Getting around Pushkar: Walking is the best way to visit the places of Pushkar . Bikes were available to visit the surrounding places of Pushkar. Buses and Taxis are also available to visit surrounding places of Pushkar.


Best time to visit Pushkar: Best time to visit Pushkar is between October to March.


Where to stay in Pushkar: Only budget hotels are available to stay in Pushkar.


Where to eat in Pushkar: Plenty of garden restaurants are available here. Famous foods of this place are mouth watering kormas, dal – bati- churma, papad ki Sabzi. Buffet meals are popular here.

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