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Jammu & Kashmir, North India, Nature, Trekking, Valley

Padum is the only town in Zanskar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. This is named after Padmasambhava. For the tri armed Zanskar Valley, Padum is the centre. Tibetan culture is dominating this place. This is the starting point to several trekking trails of Ladakh Region in Jammu and Kashmir. This is the favourites spot for the professional photographs. Scenic beauty of this place is extraordinary. In the Zanskar Region, this is the most populous place.


What to see in Padum: Major attraction of this place is view of Drang – Drung Glacier. It is a long and wide river of snow and ice. In Ladakh region, this is the largest glacier. Other major attractions of this place are trekking. This is the starting point to several monasteries such as Phuktal, Bardan, Stongdey and Karsha. Besides Buddhist population, plenty of Muslim people can also be seen here. Eid and Monastic festivals celebrates so grandly. Most popular festival of this place is Gustor.


What to see around Padum:

Sani Monastery: It is located 6kms away from Padum. In Zanskar it is one of the oldest monasteries. Major attractions of this monastery are Buddha Idols, Stone carvings and Ancient murals. Other attraction of this place is Chortens which belongs to 2nd Century.

Rangdum Monastery: It lies between Kargil and padum. Main attraction of this monastery is assembly hall. This hall has beautiful status.

Padum Trekking Trails: Popular activities of Padum are river rafting and trekking. Trekking trails ranges from 1 day to 20 day trail.

Karsha: In this region this is the largest Gompa. In 10th century this was founded by Phagspa Shesrab. According to the Tibetan Calendar, a festival celebrates on 28th and 29th of 6th month. At that time sacred dance will be performed by the Monks. Other attractions of this place are Chukshik –Jal, Dorje – Dzong nursery.

Drang Drung Glacier: This is situated across Suru Valley in Jammu and Kashmir. It is surrounded by two small alpine lakes and snow covered peaks.

Pipiting: This place is famous for several ancient temples and stupas. Other attraction near this place is Sani. This monastery has ancient chortens. It is constructed by Emperor Kanishka. Attractions of this Gompa are idols, paintings and murals of Saint Padmasambhava.

Phuktal Gompa: It is constructed in the shape of beehive on the rock wall. Major attractions of this gompa are huge prayer hall and meditation room. This gompa is dates back to 11th century.


Getting to Padum: Visitors can reach this place either from Jammu or from Srinagar or from Leh via Kargil through road. Nearest railway station is located at Jammu which is 735kms from padum. Nearest airports are located at Srinagar which is 431kms away form padum and Leh which is 487kms away from Padum.


Getting around Padum: Travelling through Jeeps is the best way to explore the places of Padum and surrounding places of Padum.


Best time to visit Padum: Best time to visit this place is between July to September. During other season’s road of Kargil and Padum will be closed due to heavy snowfall.


Where to stay in Padum: Private hotels along with Tourists complex are available to stay in Padum. Complex provide food to the residents of this place and as well as to the visitors of this place. Basic accommodations will also available at Karsha.


Where to eat in Padum: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat in Padum. Complex also provide food to the residents of this place and as well as to the visitors of this place.

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