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Tamil Nadu, South India, Hill station, Nature, Trekking, Valley, Water falls, Water Sports, Wildlife Sanctuary

Meghamalai is famous mountain ranges in Theni district of Tamilnadu. It is located 1500m above the sea level. This place is famous for tea plantation, coffee plantation, evergreen forests, natural beauty, and salubrious climate. It is located near Suruli River. Twin waterfalls and Silver waterfalls are other attractions of Meghamalai. These ranges are located 1650meters above the sea level. Trekking and waterfall trekking is the major attraction of Meghamalai. Another activity which attracts the tourists is jeep riding though coffee plantation and tea estate. Insulin Plant leaves is available in Meghamalai. These leaves are best medicine for diabetic people. It helps to reduce Sugar levels in blood stream. Cardamom and tea are worth buying of this mountain range.


What to see in Meghamalai:

Highwavys Point: This is the best place to see the beauty of Varusanadu Mountain ranges.

Meghamalai Falls: Twin Waterfalls is the major attraction of this place. Height of these waterfalls is 190feet. Wild animals can be seen in this place. Other name of this falls is Clouds Land Falls.

Vellimalai: It is located in the middle of Meghamalai. Landscapes are most beautiful at this place. Other name is Silver Mountain. Another attraction of this place is cardamom and tea plantations.

Cumbam Valley: There are 3 important sites to see in this valley. They are Upper Manalaru, Iravangalaru, and Maharaja Mettu. Major attraction of this Valley is flora and Fauna.

Dams: In this mountain ranges there are 6 dams are located. Cool breezes at these dams are most enjoyable. These are best picnic spots to enjoy the weekends.

Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary: Major attractions of this sanctuary are Grizzled Squirrel wildlife and Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Flora and Fauna: Flora and Fauna are the major attractions of these mountain ranges. Tea and coffee plantation are the major attractions of Flora. Major attractions of Fauna are Flying squirrels, Sambar deer, barking deer, Leopard, Nilgiris tahr, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Tiger etc… Great Indian Hornbills are very rare species. These can be seen here.


What to see around Meghamalai:

Kumbakkarai Falls: Water of these falls consists of mineral contents and herbal contents. These falls are located on Kodaikanal Hills which is 70kms away from Meghamalai.

Periyar National Park: It is one of the largest wild reserves in India. This park is located on the banks of a lake. It is located 90kms away from Meghamalai.


Getting to Meghamalai: Only way to reach this place is through road. Before visiting this place one has to reach Madurai. From Madurai plenty of buses are available to reach to Meghamalai. Madurai is well connected with all the major cities. Nearest railway station is located at Madurai. From Chennai, Mangalore, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc trains are available to reach Madurai. Nearest airport is Madurai Airport. From Bangalore, Trichy, Chennai, Coimbatore airbuses are available to reach Madurai. From Madurai airport , buses are available to reach Meghamalai


Getting around Meghamalai: Only means of transport to visit the surrounding places of Meghamalai is through jeeps.


Best time to visit Meghamalai: Best time to visit Meghamalai is between October to March.


Where to stay in Meghamalai: Limited accommodations are available to stay in Meghamalai. Only budget and midrange hotels are available to stay in Meghamalai. At reasonable cost inspection bungalows are available to stay in Meghamalai.


Where to eat in Meghamalai: Near Cardamom and Tea estates, only two canteens are available to eat in Meghamalai. In these canteens meals are also available.

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