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Jammu & Kashmir, North India, Buddhist Monestery, Nature, Sand Dunes

Hunder is located in Nubra Valley of Jammu and Kashmir. Nubra is famous for sand dunes. Hunder is located 7kms away from Diskit Monastery. Diskit is famous for Buddhist Monastery. Major attractions of Hunder are natural beauty and Bactrian camel. To reach this place visitors have to pass through Khardung La. Khardung La is the world’s highest motorable pass.


What to see in Hunder: Natural beauty is the major attraction of this place. Another attraction of this place is Bactrian camels. In Rajasthan, visitors can see only single humped camels where as in Hunder visitors can see two humps Bactrian camel. Most memorable incident in this region is Joyrides on the Bactrian Camels through sand dunes.


Medicinal Plants with Nutritive Properties, Vitamin Properties, Bio Molecules properties and Sea buckthorn can be seen in the forests of Hunder. The place where these plants can be seen is known as Leh Berry. Horticulture products such as flowers, different fruits, apples, almonds, walnuts, apricots can be seen here. Hunder is famous for campers.


Other major attraction of this place is oldest Buddhist Monastery. This monastery is also known as Hunder Gompa. It is located very near to Diskit Monastery. Ancient culture of the Hunder People can be seen through the festivals celebrated in Hunder. Major attraction of this place is traditional sports, arts, Cham dance.


What to see around Hunder:

Leh: This place is famous for traditional houses, royal Palaces, stupas, gompas and old monasteries. This is second largest district in India. Leh was once acted as very important stopover as it lay on the silk route connecting central Asia.

Shey Palace: For the Ladakh monsters this was the summer residence. Palace was built in 1655 AD by Ladakh King Deldan Namgyal. In the Bollywood movie 3 idiots, Rancho’s School is situated in Shey village. In the Shey village scenic beauty is most memorable.

Sani Monastery: In Zanskar, this is one of the oldest monasteries. Other major attractions of this place are Buddha Idols, stone carvings, ancient murals.

Chamba Temple: Maitreya is worshipped here. Temple is having 14 meters high statue of Maitreya.

War Museum: Other name of this museum is Hall of fame. It showcases the war effort and sacrifice of the Indian Army in its wars against Pakistan.

Sankar Gompa: Avalokiteshwara Padmahari statue is the major attraction of this gompa. This statue is having thousand heads and thousand arms.

Nubra Valley: This valley is known as Valley of flowers. Khardung La Pass is the entry way to the valley. To enter into this valley, visitors have to cross Shyok River.


Getting to Hunder: Hunder can be reached from Leh. Khardung La Pass is the entry way to the Valley. Inner permission to enter into the Khardung La pass in essential. From Sumur, one road goes to Panamik and other road goes to Hunder and Diskit. Diskit is the last bus stop. From this place jeeps and camels are available to reach Hunder. Nearest railway station is located at Jammu. Taxis and buses are available to reach Leh and then Jeeps are available to reach Hunder. Nearest airport is located at Leh.


Getting around Hunder: Jeeps and Bactrian Camels are the best way to visit the places of Hunder as well as to reach the surrounding places of Hunder.


Best time to visit Hunder: During the winter season gateway will be closed due to heavy snow fall. Best time to visit this place is between June to August.


Where to stay in Hunder: Private hotels and guest houses are available to stay in Hunder. Home stays are also available to stay in Hunder.


Where to eat in Hunder: Home stays offer food to the visitors of Hunder. Several restaurants are also available to eat in Hunder. Only basic meals are available to eat.

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