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Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

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Kanha National Park is a Tiger Reserve in Balaghat and Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. This was established on 1st June 1955. Kanha National park is divided into two parts in 1930. First part is named as Banjar and second part is named as Hallon. In the central India this is the largest national park. This park is the inspiration to Rudyard Kipling to write a famous book Jungle Book.


What to see in Kanha National Park: Major attraction of this park are Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Wild Dog, Barasingha, Sloth Bear, Leopards. Kanha is also famous for flora and fauna. This park is the home town to more than 1000 species of flowering plants. In this dense forest Indian ghost tree (formally known as kullu) is the most attractive. Several migratory birds also come to this place.

Commonly seen animals in this park are four horned deer, barking deer, spotted deer, Sambhar. In this national park, mouse deer was discovered recently. It is very rare to see sloth bear and hyena Bear. Some of the reptiles can also be seen in this place. These are grass snakes, Keel backs, Vipers, rat snakes, krait, Cobras, Pythons.

A male dominated tiger in this tiger reserve is Munna. Size of this Munna is so large. Symbol CAT is written on its head. Head of this Munna is so big.


What to see around Kanha National Park:

Bamni Dadar: It is located 12kms away from Kanha National Park. Other name of this place is sunset point. Each and every visitor of Kanha national park will near miss this place. Sunset from this place seems to be most beautiful.

Kanha Museum: It is located 8kms away from Kanha National Park. This museum explains what are the activities and attributes of this park. From this museum visitors can also known the tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh state.

Kawardha Palace: This was designed and built by Maharaja Dharamraj Singh. Construction of this palace started in 1936 and it was completed in 1939. Italian stones and marbles are used to construct this palace. Staircases are constructed with Marbles. Elephant Sweeping verandhas are surrounding all the suits. Other attractions near this palace are Mandawa Mahal, Bhoremdeo Temple, Krishna Temple and Madan Manjari Mahal. All the constructions belong to 11th century. It is located 98kms away from Kanha National park.


Getting to Kanha National Park: Only way to reach this place is by road. From Nagpur and Bilaspur both private and state run buses are available to reach this place. Nearest railway station is located at Jabalpur which is 169kms away from Kanha National park. Nearest airport is also located at Jabalpur which is 156kms away from Kanha National Park. From Bhopal, Delhi airbuses are available to reach Jabalpur.


Best time to visit Kanha National Park: Best time to visit this park is between December to February. October to June is the ideal time to visit Kanha National Park.


Where to stay in Kanha National park: All the accommodations available in Kanha National park is so costly as only luxurious hotels and cottages are available. Cost of these hotels is ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 per day. Comfortable rooms are also available at this park. Cost of these rooms per day is Rs.2500 or more. For the foreign tourists foreign exchange counters are available. Hotels offer tribal dance, bon fire, jeep safari, Trekking, Bird Watching.


Where to eat in Kanha National Park: Limited eating options in Kanha National Park. Best restaurant is The Baghira Log Huts. This is located in dense Jungle. From these huts visitors can enjoy very close view of the nature.

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