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Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary

Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary

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Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary is famous for Golden Langurs. This sanctuary comes under two districts. They are Kokrajhar district and Dhubri district. In 1966 this is declared as reserve forest. Area covered by this reserve is 4556.8 hectares. On both the sides of the reserve Diplai Beel and Dheer Beel lakes are situated. During the summer season maximum temperature in and around sanctuary is 30 degrees Celsius. Annual rainfall is 4000 MM. July and August is the months were rainfall will be more. During the winter season temperature comes down to 9 degrees Celsius.


60 species of insects along with 40 species of butterflies can also be seen here. In 1994 this was announced as sanctuary. For this recognition Natures Beckon played an important role. Nearest town for this sanctuary is Kokrajhar. This is located 6 Kms away from this sanctuary.


What to see in the Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary: In this sanctuary 23 different variety of Retile species can be seen. Major Reptile species are Turrtles, Lizards, alligators, crocodiles, snakes. 119 different bird species can be found here. Some of these species are Bronze winged Jacana, Greater spotted Eagle, Red Headed Vulture, Red Necked Falcon, Purple Heron, Cattle Egret, Pond Heron, Lesser Whistling Duck, Black Francolin, and Jungle Bush Quali. Of all the species most famous in this sanctuary is Golden Langur. Mammal species in this sanctuary are Bengal Fox, Asiatic Jackal, Chinese Pangolin, Rhesus Macaque, Indian Pipistrelle, False Vampire, Short nosed fruit bat, Indian flying fox, and Short tailed mole.


What to see around Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary:

Kokrajhar: This place is located 6 Kms away from Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary. Here in this place tourists can find Brahma Temple. According to Hindu Mythology there will be no temple for Brahma. This is the only temple for Brahma. So several tourists come to this place.

Cooch Behar: For the princely state this is the capital city. This is the city in North Bengal. Cooch Behar is declared as heritage city.


Getting to Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary: Only way to reach this place is roadway. Before reaching this sanctuary, first tourists has to reach to Kokrajhar. From this town several buses as well as Jeeps are available to visit this place. Nearest Railway station is Kokrajhar. This place is well connected with all the major cities namely Kolkata, Alipur, Bhopal, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Guwahati, Delhi. Nearest airport is Guwahati airport or Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International airport.


Getting around Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary: Taxies, Jeep and private vehicles are available to see the places around sanctuary. To see the forest best way is jungle safaris.


Best Time to visit Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary: in the all the season’s people will be allowed to see this sanctuary. But it is safe to avoid rainy season to visit this place.


Where to stay at Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary: In this sanctuary only basic accommodation is available. It is better to go to Kokrajhar to stay. In Kokrajhar several budgeted hotels are available. But there will be no luxurious hotels. Best hotels in Kokrajhar are Om shree Hotel, LMB Hotels.


Where to eat in Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary: Only few canteens are available to eat. It is advisable to the tourists to bring any food along with the before visiting this place.

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