Current Affairs 25th October, 2015: Foundation Laid for Andhra Pradesh New Capital Amravati

Current Affairs 25th October, 2015:  Foundation Laid for Andhra Pradesh New Capital Amravati

Naseer Khan Janjua is the New National Security Advisor of Pakistan

25.10.2015: Naseer Khan is appointed as the new National Security Advisor of Pakistan.  He will succeed Sartaj Aziz, 86.   Naseer Khan is a retired lieutenant general.  He was the chief of southern command at Quetta before his retirement.  He is going to concentrate of security ties with India and Afghanistan immediately after taking charge.  The appointment of Janjua is an indication of increasing grip of army on security affairs.

Confucius Peace Prize for Robert Mugabe

25.10.2015: Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is honored with Confucius peace prize 2015 by China.  This is the Chinese equivalent of Nobel peace prize.  The Confucius prize was established in 2010.  However this is receiving criticism as Mugabe is accused of killing his opponents in elections, rigging and also to use violence to maintain grip on power. He ruled Zimbabwe for thirty five years.

Ashok Alexander Sridharan Sworn in As Mayor of Bonn

25.10.2015: the new mayor of Bonn is Ashok Alexander Sridharan, the Indian origin candidate of Christian Democratic Union of Germany Party.  He was elected to office in the election held is September this year.  He became the first Indian origin person to become mayor of a major city in Germany.

Foundation Laid for Andhra Pradesh New Capital Amravati

25.10.2015: Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for Andhra Pradesh new capital Amravati at Uddandarayani Palem.  Presently Hyderabad is the temporary capital for Andhra Pradesh for ten years.  Amravati is going to be the fifth planned city in independent India after Gandhinagar, Chandigarh, Bhubaneswar and Naya Raipur.  The capital is going to be building in an area of 33000 acres.  According to available information the first phase of Amravati will be completed by 2018. Others who were present at the event apart from Chandrababu Naidu and Modi are KCR, Telangana chief minister and Governor Narasimhan.

Mountaineers Climbed an Unnamed Peak and named it after Abdul Kalam

25.10.2015: Indian mountaineers Bhupesh Kumar and Arjun Vajpai climbed the untouched and unnamed peak in Himachal Pradesh and named it APJ Abdul Kalam peak.  The peak is 6180 meter high and is located near Bara Shigri glacier.   They started their expedition on 8th October and reached the peak on 14th October.