Current Affairs 28th May, 2015: Shantanu Khosla Resigned as MD of Procter and Gamble

Current Affairs 28th May, 2015: Shantanu Khosla Resigned as MD of Procter and Gamble

S Chandra Das Appointed non-Resident High Commissioner to Sri Lanka by Singapore

28.05.2015: Singapore government appointed S Chandra Das, an Indian origin businessman as non-resident high commissioner to Sri Lanka.  He was Singapore’s Ambassador to Republic of Turkey from 2006 to 2015.

Shantanu Khosla Resigned as MD of Procter and Gamble

28.05.2015: Shantanu Khosla resigned from Procter and Gamble. He was the managing director of the company and his last working day will be June 30.  Shantanu joined the company in 1983.  He will be succeeded by Al Rajwani who worked for the company in several countries like Korea, China, Canada, US and so on.

Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Gave Nod to RSFs

28.06.2015: Union Ministry of Youth affairs and sports gave it’s not for regional sports federations.  This is to promote sports that have only regional spread.  There are some conditions to get the recognition from competent authority.  The sport must be popular in state or two since at least ten years. Only one Regional Sports Federation will be given recognition for each sport.

Himachal Pradesh Government Organized Ajanmi Beti Ke Liye Daud

28.05.2015: Forum for Human Rights and Justice, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh organized a marathon for protecting the unborn girl.  It is named Ajanmi Beti ke Liye Daud. This is to save the unborn girl child to fix the declining sex ratio in Himachal Pradesh.  The sex ratio is 906 against 1000 in the state.

Government of Tripura Withdraws AFSPA

28.05.2015: Tripura state government withdrew the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 with immediate effect.  The cabinet meeting that was held in the state capita, chaired by chief minister Manik Sarkar, took decision to this effect.  Tripura Police also found no need to extend the act.

United Nations Release Annual Hunger Report

28.05.2015: United Nations released the annual hunger reports and according to it’s, the number of hungry people dropped in the world.  The report stated that 194.6 million people in Indi are under nourished.  The number of undernourished globally is 795 million which is less than 216 million than 1990-92 period.