LG India Tech Show 2015 highlights : ‘Smart TV’ larger than life experience from LG

LG India Tech Show 2015 highlights : ‘Smart TV’ larger than life experience from LG

New Delhi: At Mobile World Congress and CES, LG unveiled a short glance of its big tech launches for the Indian market. Today, LG India tech show was held in New Delhi and showcased all the LG’s capabilities in home entertainment, appliances and mobile gadget categories. LG unveiled the G Flex 2 smart phone which was earlier displayed at CES. Overwhelming 105k OLED television with its 266 cm screen and the LG Inverter V AC with its unique “Mosquito Away Technology” and the mammoth 1000 litre double door-in-door refrigerator are wrapped off at big tech show.

In the present TV revolutionary market, people have started preferring to buy for around INR 40k only. LG has come up with INR 50k TV that takes immersive to another level. A 266 cm screen IPS 5K panel with 11 million pixels and a horizontal 5120-by-2160 resolution. The TV gets a leg up with a 7.2 channel sound system designed by Harman/Kardon which packs in a whopping 150W of sound. If you can go for hifi TV without compromising of price, then 77 4K OLED TV is designed by LG. It is priced at INR 15 lakhs. It comes with seriously deep blacks and life like colours, also features sound designed by Harmon/Kardon and the all new Web OS 2.0 for an enhanced Smart TV experience.

LG G Flex 2

LG’s first G Flex device with curved display has not been very successful in the market. Sale statistics could not show any competitive atmosphere in the market. But LG did not stop with it. Now it unveiled G Flex 2 with improvised features. G Flex 2 is a gorgeous blend of four distinct curves that offers to lend gadget its unique form factor. Unlike G Flex, this new device has easy to grip and superb viewing angles on the 5.5-inch plastic OLED screen. Camera is very quick and very selfie friendly.

LG G Flex 2 sports a self healing back panel that makes minor scratches disappear. Device act as a power house as well with new generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor of 64 bit octa core configuration. It comes with a handy quick charge mode that ensures quick charging of battery from 0 to 100% in just 40 minutes. This must be priced around INR 55,000/-.