Google Android Developers Show 2014: Android Auto for Automobiles

Google Android Developers Show 2014:  Android Auto for Automobiles

Google announced the latest version of Android operating system Android L. Google is also coming soon with Android Auto application for automobiles.  Android is the most popular mobile operating system and it is being used in watches, mobiles, televisions and now in Automobiles also.

San Francisco: Google I/O developer show started a couple of days ago in San Francisco.  Google launched new software and hardware products in the event.  Google launched Android L new version and the new version is launched with new features and improved performance options.  Material design, notifications, battery life, performance beyond mobile devices are given more importance in the development of new version, announced Google.


Google announced the new version of Android as Android L and L is rumored to stand for Lollipop, Lemon Head and so on.  In India it is being called Laddoo or Lassi.  Android was first launched in the market in April, 2009.  This is now the number one operating system in the world.  Google paid special interesting naming their operating system.

Android operating system was first launched for mobile phones but now it is being used in smart watches, televisions and so n.  Samsung Gear, Sony Smartwatches were released into the market based on Android operating system.  Recently LG also announced Android based smartwatch.  Televisions are also available in the market based on Android platform and it is possible to search the content apps, games and Google knowledge graph on the television with internet connection. Interesting feature of these televisions is the voice search features.  Sony and Sharp companies are ready to bring televisions and set top boxes with this features.

Android is also entering the automobile sector by name Android Auto.  Android auto will contain route map, music and other apps.  Google announced that developer tool for this is ready and the application will enter the market in partnership with Forde, Audi, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Skoda and Honda.

Google Android is the number of smartphone operating system when compared other operating systems such as Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows phone, Blackberry mobile OS.  New operating systems for smartphones are also coming in to the market such as Firefox mobile operating system, Tizen, Ubuntu and Sail Fish.  Fire Fox mobile OS is already released into the market.  But Android is giving tough competition to all the operating systems and retaining its position as most loved mobile OS.