K.A. Paul Another Name Against YSRCP On Politics Based On Religion And Caste.


K.A. Paul Another Name Against YSRCP On Politics Based On Religion And Caste.

Christian preacher KA Paul joins the list of bandwagon against the YSRCP and YS Jagan.

Hyderabad: The cheap politics played by YSRCP and its chief YS Jagan are not able to deliver the objectives. The tricks by the party included distribution of money, liquor and valuables to lure the voters. The cheap liquor supplied by YSRCP made many innocent people loose their lives, as per the press reports.

The tricks by the party included division of people based on religion and caste. Separate programs are being arranged for luring the specific section of voters. The religious meetings conducted in the name of ‘Suvartha Sabhalu’ have presence of YSRCP candidates asking the participants to vote for their party. The honourable chair person of the party Smt. Vijayamma carries bible in her hand even while attending the political meetings. The lunch politics for specific section of voters are also conducted by the YSRCP to gain political mileage to get more votes and seats. All these are poll violations to be tackled by the concerned authorities.

The initial hype favoring Jagan in the present general elections has calmed down and the BJP TDP alliance (with support of Pawan Kalyan) is gaining more popularity.

The caste-politics encouraged by the YSRCP have boomeranged. The leaders like K Shivaji openly criticized the party and its chief mentioning that they (YSRCP & Jagan) are not really interested in the welfare of the voters belonging to particular caste.

Many of the religious preachers are giving advices to avoid Jagan and YSRCP in the present elections. Many statements in the names of those preachers are appearing in the media, causing more irritation to YSRCP & Jagan.

The latest addition to the list of preaching canvassing against YSRCP & Jagan is none other than KA Paul. Many people in general and Christians in particular are aware about the popularity of Paul in their religious circles. With the YSR regime taking control of the AP administration, Paul claims that he has been indicted in many false cases with the sole objective of promoting Brother Anil (son in law of YSR).

Paul’s angry is natural and he even mentioned that the persons who planned to kill him have not been successful and those people had to face death in stead.

Statements from persons like Shivaji & Paul are definitely going to have their importance in the voting pattern based on caste and religion respectively.

Completely ignoring these kinds of statements against YSRCP & Jagan, the party and its chief are busy luring the voters in other ways like distribution of money, cheap liquor, valuables etc. The result of all these activities would come open on 16th May once the counting of votes is completed. The seemandhra is going to polls on 7th May 2014 to elect 175 MLA & 25 MP candidates.