Will TDP-BJP Alliance Help for Development of Residual Andhra Pradesh?

Will TDP-BJP Alliance Help for Development of Residual Andhra Pradesh?

Alliance between Telugu Desam and Bharatiya Janata Party is finalized. Telugu Desam Party president Chandrababu Naidu informed that 5 parliament and 15 assembly seats will be allotted to BJP in Seemandhra and 8 MP and 47 assembly seats are allotted to BJP in Telangana.

Vijayawada: Chandrababu Naidu also informed that the final list of candidates for both assembly and Lok Sabha will be announced soon. A joint announcement was made by the leaders of both BJP and Telugu Desam in a media conference at Chandrababu Naidu’s residence. Chandrababu added that Corruption free government is only possible with BJP-TDP. It is natural that alliance will be beneficial for few and loss for few but for the sake of country, we have to make sacrifices, he said. Chandrababu is confident that NDA will win more than 300 seats in Lok Sabha elections.


It would be interesting to see whether the alliance between BJP and TDP will help for the victory of BJP at national level and victory of TDP in Andhra Pradesh. If no party gets the majority in Telangana assembly, TDP-BJP is likely to play a crucial role in Telangana politics.

There is increasing support for Narendra Modi as prime minister of India. Chandrababu is known as a leader with vision. Poll alliance between TDP and BJP is not new. In 1985 assembly elections, BJP and TDP contested jointly and won the election. In 1999 also both the parties had poll alliance and won the elections. In 2009 both contested separately and now in 2014 they are tied up again.

In Andhra Pradesh, there is n number of problem due to bifurcation of state. A capital city is to be built, industrialization is necessary for providing employment to youth, rail and road connectivity is to be improved between coastal and Rayalaseema regions, the airports have to be modernized and so on. Funds are required to do all these things. Thus the government that comes to power in Andhra Pradesh should have good administration experience as well as good contacts with the government that is formed at center. The state government should pressurize central to set up education institutions also. It is believed that BJP-TDP alliance will be beneficial for the overall development of Andhra Pradesh. The alliance is also trying to take this message into the people. Both the parties will go to election with Andhra Pradesh development as their agenda.