Elections 2014: What TRS Can Achieve In Telangana

Elections 2014: What TRS Can Achieve In Telangana

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is one of the important players in the newest state of the country.  Despite high level promises, what TRS can achieve in the elections is a big question mark.

Hyderabad: TRS has been in existence for the last 12 years.  Over the years (since its inception), the party had only one point agenda i.e., “Formation of Telangana”.

Telangana & AP adding additonal districts

With the recent T-bill clearance the main agenda of the party is achieved.  However, the earlier promises by the top leadership of TRS (KCR) that once the state is formed TRS would be merged with congress are now not honored.  TRS is facing the elections on its own.  Congress is in name-sake alliance with CPI.  To encash the strong support that BJP is enjoying in this state, TDP formed alliance with BJP.

The elections for this new state are being conducted on 30th April 2014 (both assembly & Lok Sabha elections are conducted simultaneously). TRS has been quick to finalize the contestants’ list as there is no poll alliance with any party.

Just before the elections, it is very interesting to note following highlights:

  • All the members of KCR family are contestants in this election.  (KCR is contesting in 2 MLA & 1 MP seats, KCR’s son KTR  and KCR’s nephew Harish Rao are seeking re-election as MLAs, whereas KCR’s daughter Kavita is debuting into direct politics and she is the contestant form Nizamabad Lok Sabha).
  • Presently the position of TRS is 1 MP (KCR) & 16 MLA’s.  As against this, the party is contesting for 119 MLA & 17 MP seats.
  • Immediately on clearance of T-bill, the surveys indicated 45% support for TRS.
  • Like many other political parties, TRS party also has not been able to satisfy all the leaders who want to contest the elections.
  • The various heirs of persons who committed suicide for Telangana could not get proper recognition by way of ticket allocation in the coming election.
  • Many of the other party members who joined TRS are going back to their original party.
  • One of the latest pre-poll surveys indicated 7 seats each for TRS & congress in Telangana whereas TDP+BJP would get 2 and remaining 1 MP seat is going to others (MIM).

The people of Telangana are most likely to favor with TRS (as it brought Telangana) but conversion of this favor into votes and seats will be known by 15th May 2014 (once the counting is over).