Elections 2014: Political Scenario In Andhra Pradesh Post Telangana Formation

Elections 2014: Political Scenario In Andhra Pradesh Post Telangana Formation

With the total uncertainty about the seat winning capacity as also the seat sharing arrangement between the leading players, the scenario on alliances for general elections is fast changing and beyond anybody’s imaginations.

Hyderabad: With the numerous surveys indicating lowest number of MP seats to be won by UPA & Congress, the decision to divide AP has been finalized. Background of the issue is known to every one – for the last 60 years or so there has been a demand for separation of Telangana. During December 2009 there was an announcement by the then Home Minister P Chidaram regarding formation of separate state.  Within 15 days the decision was withdrawn.  The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has been in the forefront fighting for the formation of separate state.


The Telangana state has 17 MP seats which would become very crucial for congress & UPA in the forthcoming general elections.  Congress was expecting that TRS would merge with congress once the state division is completed.  Congress AP in-charge Digvijay Singh did use the opportunity of congress decision to split AP to stress the condition attached to it (that the TRS would merge with congress). After the high level drama in Parliament once the bill has been cleared, TRS rejected merger proposal and these parties are now facing the elections independently.

BJP also want to strengthen its presence in newly formed Telangana as well as in other part of the state (i.e., Andhra Pradesh also called Seemandhra) and for this, the rumors are that BJP may go for alliance with TDP.  TDP is expected to register major success in the coming elections (of course YSRCP factor is also there).  But here the dilemma for BJP would be how to go with TDP in both the regions (AP & Telangana) given the fact that TDP may be more demanding regarding seats.

Similarly Telangana’s 119 MLA & 17 MP seats are decisive to form an election alliance (both for Congress and BJP).  With the surveys confirming that BJP would be forming the next government at centre, the new state of Telangana is required to support the BJP as it has to get more and more funds for developmental activities including power generation. Here the seat winning ability of Congress, TRS, TDP is beyond any one’s guess as it is believed that TRS ‘brought’ the Telangana, Congress ‘gave’ Telangana and TDP has strong cadre base and has also ‘supported’ the Telengana cause.

Outcome of the local body elections may also give some more clarity regarding the alliances for general elections.