Congress Desperate For Alliances: Is Congress Ready To Face Elections On Its Own In Telangana?


Congress Desperate For Alliances: Is Congress Ready To Face Elections On Its Own In Telangana?

Congress is making gaga that it has all resources to contest the elections on its own in Telangana. But the reality is totally different.

Hyderabad: Congress has ‘Given’ Telangana’ (resolving the longest pending desire for separation). As such the natural beneficiary of this action of ‘Giving Telangana’ should be congress.

Congress at present has fear and hence is unable to face the elections on its own. From the date the announcement was made by Digvijay Singh regarding process of Telangana formation, there have been rumors that TRS would merge with Congress. Even KCR (chief of TRS) mentioned on many occasions that he would merge TRS with congress one the state is formed after completing all the statutory formalities.

On completion of statutory formalities for formation of Telangana, KCR rejected the proposal to merge TRS with congress and instead suggested more active play in ‘reconstruction of the new state’.

Once the poll schedule is declared by EC, congress has been continuously chasing TRS for alliance (as the merger proposal has been clearly denied by the later). But KCR & TRS being stubborn, the congress is left with no other option but to face the elections on its own.

Present assembly (Telangana portion) has total strength of 119 (TDP 35, Congress 51, TRS 15, MIM 7, BJP 3 and balance independents & communists). This new state is going for assembly elections on 30th April 2014 and 9th April 2014 is the last date for filing of nominations by the candidates as per the scheduled released by EC. Major forces in this state include INC, BJP, TRS, TDP & AIMIM (just restricted to some parts of Hyderabad & old city). Some votes and seats are expected to be gained by independents, communists also.

Despite clear indications from TRS regarding no alliance, congress has been still saying that ‘doors for alliance with TRS are still open’. Congress’ desperation for alliance can be seen from its alliance with CPI (with just two seats in present assembly). Of course the congress leaders might say that alliance with CPI came on account of its support for separate Telangana.

TRS with just 15% seats in the present assembly is contemplating facing the present elections on its own. TDP with 35 seats in present T-Assembly (119 seats) is contemplating grand alliance with BJP, Lok Satta & Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party.