Sony Xperia C vs Sony Xperia SP: Which One to Choose?

Sony Xperia C vs Sony Xperia SP

 Sony Xperia C vs Sony Xperia SP: Which One to Choose?

If there is choice between Sony Xperia C and Sony Xperia SP is there then Xperia C should be the choice if you deeply need dual SIM phone to have multiple numbers, else here Xperia SP is the best choice. 

New Delhi: Sony Xperia C and Sony Xperia SP has almost similar features and in the same price range as both are from the same mobile manufacturer. Then also let’s see which one best fits with your need.

  • Operating System: Sony Xpearia C has Android v4 .2.2 O.S. while Sony Xperia SP has Android v4.1.
  • CPU: Sony Xpearia C has Quad core Processor and1.2 GHz CPU while Sony Xperia SP has dual core processor which is 1.7GHz of CPU.
  • Storage Capacity: Sony Xpearia C has 4GB Storage Capacity while Sony Xperia SP has 8 GB Storage capacity.
  • Screen Resolution: Sony Xperia SP has resolution of 720×1280 while Xperia C has 540×960 of screen resolution.
  • Screen Size: Sony Xperia C has screen size of 5 inches while Sony peria SP has 8% lesser size of 4.59 inches which is not any major difference in the view.
  • Camera: Both have 8 Mega Pixels of camera. Which is again a same feature and both is of same company so not any difference in the technology of camera.
  • Supporting Features: Sony Xperia SP has HDMI, NFC and DLNA supporting features with it. NFC is used for file transfer, DLNA is used for video streaming and HDMI is useful to connect the mobile with the TV. Sony Xperia C has only additional feature is dual SIM.

Verdict: Though both mobile is of same brand , Sony Xperia SP has few additional features like HDMI, NFC and DLNA which are very useful and comes in the same price. So we suggest going with the Sony Xperia SP. If you want to go for dual SIM then and then only you can choose Xperia C.