Single Tasking Day Event Is Observed on 18th February 2014

Single Tasking Day Event Is Observed on 18th February 2014

Let’s take an oath to organize ourselves in better way on this ‘Single Tasking Day’. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone of us to get ourselves ‘planned’ for us to succeed in our own way.

Beijing: Single Tasking Day event is observed on February 18 every year. Researches worldwide are concluding the ‘multi-tasking’ is not advisable as this reduces the efficiency levels.  Management is defined as ‘getting things done’, but it did not mention that getting many things done at one instance from single worker.  A person engaged in multi-tasking is confused about the priority of the tasks and he loses control on whole of the tasks and ends up with performance level far below his average.

Single Tasking day

The single tasking requires lot of planning regarding the prioritization of tasks to be done by one person during a given period.  Each of the tasks is having its own requirement in relation to time for performing the task, the coordination with other workers – may be superiors/peers/subordinates.

Task prioritization is required in personal as well as professional level by one and all.  Personal life requires a diary mentioning the tasks to be done on a given day.  The task prioritization in one way is implemented from the school stage itself by way of ‘time-table’ which clearly indicates which subject to be learnt during the given period and what is the time of short-recess and break for lunch etc.  This time-table implemented in school is the best example of prioritization of tasks.  People need to take forward this principle of ‘time-table’ till the end.  However, the small change that need to be done is that he follows the ‘time-table’ imposed by school in earlier stage and in the later stage of life, he has to prepare his own time-table prioritizing the ‘first things first’ depending on his resources – both financial, time-wise etc.  Prioritization of tasks has given rise to saying ‘first come first served’.

Task prioritization also involves lot of management.  Management is accomplishment of objectives and one needs to organize his resources vis-à-vis his tasks and arrange the same in list of priority.  This planning would definitely help one to succeed in life.

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