Brand Fight: Samsung Galaxy Core Duos I8262 vs Sony Xperia L

Brand Fight: Samsung Galaxy Core Duos I8262 vs Sony Xperia L

Samsung and Galaxy? Both are established brands for sure. Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia? Both are already favorites among the people by now. There always been a confusion while selecting a phone among the two reputed brands.

New Delhi: Which one to choose between Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Core Duos I8262 and Sony Xperia L? Now that is indeed a tough question, which is why we did a small study by ourselves. Let us find out:

  • Operating system: Samsung possess Android Version 4.1.2, and Sony has Android Version 4.1. Much the same, for sure!
  • Camera: Sony Xperia has got an 8MP camera resolution, which is 60% more than that of Samsung Galaxy. In addition to this, Sony has also got a better HD video recording with 1280*720 pixels.
  • Dual sim: Samsung Galaxy can accommodate dual sim (one for your mother and one for your girlfriend), while Sony has the lot for just one (you can get into trouble there)!
  • CPU: Samsung galaxy has got a faster CPU than Sony Xperia, amounting to 1.2GHz. Which means it helps you go smooth!
  • Download speed: With a speed of 21Mbps, Sony Xperia is three times faster than Samsung Galaxy.
  • Battery talk time: With Samsung Galaxy, you can talk continuously for 840 minutes. If your hands are on Sony Xperia, the talk time will reduce to 510 minutes.
  • Supporting features. Sony Xperia supports NFC and DLNA, while Samsung Galaxy doesn’t.
  • Looks: Samsung galaxy is lighter and slimmer than Sony Xperia, making it look way cooler in both your hands and pockets.
  •  Price: Samsung Galaxy Vore Duos l8262 costs around Rs. 14,900, while the price of Sony Xperia L is Rs. 15,500.

Verdict: For people who are looking for a phone with more battery life and better usability, Samsung Galaxy Core Duos l8262 is best option of the both. However, for those who wants to have a hunky option, Sony Xperia L is the best choice.