Nokia A110 Normandy Spotted on Benchmark Running on Android KitKat

Nokia A110 Normandy Spotted on Benchmark Running on Android KitKat

It was reported earlier that Nokia is working on Android device and it is codenamed Normandy. Now, the handset with name A110 is spotted on Antutu benchmark. The screenshots of the deice were also leaked by @evleaks that suggest that it might come with dual SIM capabilities.

Taipei: A month ago, there were rumors about a new smartphone from Nokia codenamed Normandy. It was revealed that it will run on Android operating system.  The device is again spotted on Antutu benchmark revealing that it will run on Android KitKat operating system.  It is expected to be launched at Mobile World Congress that will be held in Barcelona.


As per the benchmark listing, Nokia A110 will have a display come s with 854 x 480 pixel resolution.  it will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  it will also be equipped with 5 megapixel primary camera.  There is no confirmed information on whether the handset is in works or just a rumor and also whether it will be launched into the market or not.

Another leak suggested that Nokia A110 will sport 4 inch display.  The glimpse of the handset’s lockscreen, Skype and Viber also appeared and it could be assessed by the status bar that the device comes with dual SIM capabilities.  The entry level Android smartphone will come with design that is similar to Lumia handsets and will also be offered in different colors just like Lumia and Asha phones. It is likely that it will come packed with Cortex A5/Adreno 203 or Cortex A7 Adreno 302 quad core processor.

as per the benchmark listing the new device from Nokia is codenamed A110 and A in the name stands for Android.  The screenshots were also leaked by @evleaks. The picture showed that the device has single back button and flash free primary camera.  It is not confirmed that the device runs on Android operating system but the handset does not run on Windows operating system.

Leaked Specifications of Nokia A110

  • It sports 854 x 480 pixel resolution display
  • The device will run on Android 4.4.1 KitKat operating system
  • It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • It is equipped with 5 megapixel primary camera