High End Brand Fight : Apple iPhone 5c vs Motorola Razr Maxx

Apple iPhone 5c vs Motorola Razr Maxx

High End Brand Fight : Apple iPhone 5c vs Motorola Razr Maxx

Motorola Razr is providing excellent features compare to iPhone 5c. IPhone 5c is also bit costlier than Motorola razr maxx.

Mumbai: Motorola razr maxx is a great package deal with tremendous features compare to Apple iphone 5c.Motorola made an extra effort that results a great substitute for an iphone 5c.

  • Screen resolution: IPhone 5c has screen resolution of 640 x 1136px compare to Motorola razr maxx which has the resolution of 540 x 960px. On the other side I phone 5c has 4inches screen size which is 7% lesser than Motorola razr maxx which has 4.3 inches screen. Here Motorola razr maxx giving cinematic and pleasing experience compare to I phone 5c.
  • Operating System: iPhone 5c runs on ios7 where Motorola razr maxx runs on Android version 2.3.6. Ios7 is the smoothest os ever in iphones but in compare to android os2.3.6 it is less performing. Android v2.3.6 o.s is a faster, smoother and supports millions of applications compare to ios7.
  • Storage capacity: Iphone 5c has internal storage of 32gb which is 100% more compare to Motorola razr maxx which has a storage of 16gb. But here also Motorola razr maxx ahead in race with an expandable memory means more songs; more videos, more pictures and more entertainment.
  • Battery: Motorola razr maxx has removable battery and iphone 5c has fixed battery. Removable battery is better because you can change it when it is going to perform less and you can also use a spare battery when battery power is not enough. Motorola razr maxx has 142% more battery standby time which is 607hrs compare to iphone 5c which has 250hrs.
  • HDMI Support: Motorola razr maxx supports hdmi which allows your phone to stream videos and photos to your lcd tv via hdmi cable. Where the I phone5c doesn’t supports this facility.
  • DLNA Support: DLNA technology makes sharing of  photos, music and videos easier over wifi. Here is also Motorola razr maxx wins with support of DLNA compare to iphone5c
  • Price: Iphone 5c costs Rs.32,999/- compare to Motorola razr maxx which has a lesser price of rs.30,990/-

Verdict: Iphone 5c has greater screen resolution with more internal storage but compare to Motorola razr maxx which is better with big screen, better stand by time, new technologies support and better storage capacity. Motorola razr maxx leaves iphone5c behind and gives a great value for money. So I definitely go with Motorola razr maxx.