Check Aadhaar-LPG Linkage Status Online at LPG Company Transparency Portal

Check Aadhaar-LPG Linkage Status Online at LPG Company Transparency Portal

Aadhaar-LPG linking is important to get subsidy on domestic LPG cylinders.  The subsidy amount on LPG cylinder will be deposited in the bank account directly. It is easy to check the Aadhaar-LPG linkage online.  The transparency portals of various gas companies have to be visited to obtain these details.

Visakhapatnam: Government of India is saying that Direct Money Transfer Scheme for LPG gas consumers will be implemented only for those who have linked their Aadhaar card. LPG customers are asked to give their Aadhaar number to banks and gas agencies. They are worried whether the gas agencies registered their Aadhaar details online and whether the details are linked or not.  There is no need to go to the gas agency to find to know these details.  Gas Agency transparency website can be visited to obtain these details.

Aadhar-LPG Linkage

Indane gas consumers should type Indane Gas Transparency in Google; HP gas consumers have to type HP Gas Transparency and Bharat Gas consumers should type Bharat Gas Transparency.  Related website will appear which has to be opened.  Choose the state from the list that appears.  Also choose the district name. The consumers will also be asked to select the gas distributor.

After clicking on the gas distributor’s name, click on ‘proceed’ button to get another page in which the name of the consumer or gas booking number has to be registered.  The details of the consumer will be displayed.

The name of LPS gas consumer, address, number, district and the gas cylinders taken on subsidy details will be displayed.  Aadhaar and bank account number details will also appear.  There are Aadhaar with distributor and Aadhaar with bank columns.  If there is red circle in this column opposite to the name of the consumer, it means that the linking has not been done.  If there are green circles, the subsidy will be applicable to the consumers. Given below are the HP, Bharat and Indane gas Transparency portal links to check the linkage status.

LPG customers who have successfully lined their Aadhaar card with LPG distributor and bank account will have to pay full market price for the cylinder.  The subsidy amount will be deposited in the bank account that is linked.  Three easy steps to complete the procedure of linking is to receive the Aadhaar number, submit it at the gas agency and bank.