Indian Rupee Vs American Dollar: Gold Vs White Paper, Real Story and Medicine To It

Indian Rupee Vs American Dollar: Gold Vs White Paper, Real Story and Medicine To It

Going through so many articles, i found a bold quoted line ” Stop Using Cars For 7 Days Except For Emergency, Dollar Rate Will Be Down”. Yes, it is 100% true. In next 15 minutes you will be having a brief idea on the things which you might not be aware of. The value of dollar is somehow given by petrol only which comes from the fact of Derivative Trading.

Unlike India, America has stopped valuing its Dollar with Gold 70 years back and now after they understood that Petrol can be a valued equally with gold, they have made agreement to sell petrol in Dollars across the Mid east countries. Because of which they have printed their Dollar as legal tender for debts. In Indian rupee its written ” I promise to pay the bearer..” along with the Reserve Bank Governor’s signature. So if in India you go and ask for repayment, RBI will pay you in terms of gold( Some minor differences). Whereas in America, they wont give you Gold in return of the Dollar.



Let me explain you, that if an Indian petroleum minister goes to Mid East country for petroleum, he will be asked for Dollars. Indian dont have Dollars, so they will ask America to lend them by simply printing Dollars on white paper. But returning Dollar is not possible as they have clearly put their statement on dollar that it is debt. This is the way we buy petrol.

Now you can understand the problem, India is facing. Its because of buying those American Dollars as American White paper is equal to India’s gold. So reducing the consumption of petrol will make the Dollar down.

Other than Dollar there are so many thing which can contribute for the stabilization of Indian economy. Indian inspite of having home grown companies and products depends on foreign deals. In Past 5 years the economy is down to hell. Like several Asian countries we are in crisis which are due to so many reasons. More than 30,000 crore rupees are being shifted on products such as cosmetics, snacks, and other daily use items. This is a serious drain in account of our economy and our future is a big LOSS.

From our part we can look for products manufactured by home grown companies. I am not telling you to compromise your life style, but you can choose an alternate product alteast in one area. I know you might be thinking that why would one compromise with quality. I totally agree on it and for this i will blame our royal government and people involved in it.

Let me tell you the biggest problem in India and its corruption. The other is reservation ( I am not against reservation, but i just want to change the meaning of reservation for better future). My second line might hurt some people’s mentality but its also one of the reason for why we are lagging. I will explain both of my statements.

Corruption is diluting the Indian economy, by diluting just everything starting from quality, input and output. If home grown companies will fail to pass a quality level of satisfaction, why will the people depend on them? and this is the biggest problem why foreign products are entertained. Reservation must change its significance, instead of giving an amount of support to people they are giving platform which is completely unknown to them. This again involves corruption as in most of the cases the support fails to reach the people and which is why these people are not giving their 100% as expected for the development of our country.

I am an Indian and i am equally worried about our country. Instead of looking Mahatma Gandhi, we have to create within ourselves. Please share this article to as many you can so that they know what our country is lagging.