Bradley Watch for Blind: Feel the Time with Bradley Watch

Bradley Watch for Blind: Feel the Time with Bradley Watch

Brad Snyder, who lost his vision in a blast in Afghanistan, designed a watch for the blind.  The watch will let us touch and feel the time.  Two ball bearings are used instead of the regular hours hands.

New York: Bradley specially designed a watch for those who are blind.  The watch allows knowing the timing by touching the dial similar to the Braille language. This watch is specially designed for blind.  Two ball bearings are used in the place of hour hand and minutes hand.  One ball bearing indicated the minutes and the second indicates the hours.  Both these ball bearings are connected to the watch with magnets.  The ball bearing which indicates the minutes is set up on the top of the watch and the ball bearing that indicates the hours is on the side of the watch.

Bradley Watches for Blind

Design of Bradley Watch for Blind

Just like in normal watches, Bradley watch for blind people has signs indicating the numbers from one to twelve hours.  These are not numbers but are like the hands of a watch.  This is not the first watch for blinds.  Two other watches were designed for the blind.  But they did not become very popular.  One of the two watches was a speaking watch.  The sound was not clear.  The second watch was very expensive.  The usage of the watch was also very complex.  Compared to the earlier models of watches for blind that were designed, the latest Bradley watch is best for the blind.

Brad Snyder is a bomb diffuser who lost his vision in a blast in Afghanistan.  He worked hard to win two gold medals and one silver medal at London Paralympics in 2012. He loves to spend life independently and this is what inspired him to design a watch for the blind.  The watch is named after him as Bradley.

Bradley watch for blind is originally designed in a round case.  The thickness of the watch is 11.5 mm and diameter is 40 mm.  It is made up of Titanium.  The straps are available in olive, blue, yellow and green colors.