6+ Inch Display Smartphones Dominating the Smartphone Markets

6+ Inch Display Smartphones Dominating the Smartphone Markets

Smartphones with large display screen is the latest trend.  Young consumers are enjoying tweeting, facebooking and mailing on the large screens.  According to market experts, this trend will continue for some period.  Many companies such as LG, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and Sony are working on large display screen smartphones.

Mumbai: New smartphones with latest features are introduced in the market frequently.  It is the habit of many people to change their new smartphones whenever a new model phone comes into the market.  Operating system, apps and the camera were the features that attracted the consumers.  But the latest feature based on which customers are choosing their mobile phones is the screen size.  Mobile handsets with large displays are attracting the consumers.

6+ inc smartphones

Android, IOS and Windows based smartphone are available in the market.  Options in all the phones from smartphones to budget phones are almost the same.  There will be differences in the storage capacity, camera pixels and the processor speed.  People with the attitude of being different from others are opting for large screen phones.  Samsung is the first company that brought popularity to the large screen phones.  Galaxy Note with large screen was launched 4 years ago.  The handset became a great hit unexpectedly.  Galaxy Note created records as the largest selling handset in Samsung devices.  With this other mobile manufacturing companies starting making devices with large screens.

It is difficult to use a phone that has more than 5 inches display.  Such phones have to be carried in hand.  This has become fashion now.  The large screen gives a great experience while playing games, for net browsing, facebooking, tweeting, mailing and for reading e-books.  Large screen display phones are coming in ultra slim sizes.

The strategy behind big companies making mobile phones is to withstand the competition in the market.  Everyday a new model phone with latest features is released in the market.  Each company is now feeling that unless a new model is released at least once for six months, they will not be in the race.  Technology cannot change much in six months time.  Thus the existing models are upgraded with large displays and new models are released.

The latest large sized smartphones in the market are from Samsung.  Samsung released 6.3 inches smartphone recently.  Nokia, Sony, LG and Motorola are also working on large screen devices.  Indian companies such as Micromax, Celkon also have plans to release the phones.  According to market analysts the trend of 6+ inch smartphones will continue for some period.  It is also said that there will not be tablets and smartphones separately in the future.  For now youth is enjoying the large touchscreen mobile phones.