Download e-Aadhar in PDF Format: Steps to Validate e-Aadhar Digital Signature

Download e-Aadhar in PDF Format: Steps to Validate e-Aadhar Digital Signature

e-Aadhar can be downloaded from the official website of UIDIA and these are valid to be used for even obtaining gas connections

Mumbai: Though there is a need of unique Aadhar card to avail benefits of various government schemes, large number of people in India did not get the Aadhar card till now.  There are many reasons for this as the postal delay.  Aadhar cards can now be downloaded from the official website and these e-Aadhar cards are recognized by government of India as identity proof.  E-Aadhar cards are valid to be used for many purposes including for applying to LPG, HP, Indian and Bharat gas.  E-Aadhar card original can be downloaded in PDF format.  This can be printed in smart card format to make it convenient to carry it in the pocket.

Aadhar card

To download e-Aadhar card, visit the e-Aadhar portal.  The visitor will be asked to enter the enrollment number, date and time.  These details are available on the slip given at the time of taking photos. Other details that have to be entered are the resident name, PIN code and captcha.  After making sure that all the details are filled correctly, click on submit.

After submitting the details, a page will appear on which mobile number which was given in the enrolment application has to be typed in the box provided.  An SMS containing the password will be sent to the mobile phone.  This password is valid for one time.  Type in the password to get e-Aadhar in PDF format.  This can easily be downloaded.

Validating digital signature

If the validity of the e-Aadhar card is displayed as unknown, the digital signature has to be validated.  For this right click on ‘Validity unknown’ icon.  Click on Validate Signature option.  A window for signature validation status will appear on screen.  Click on Signature properties.  Choose ‘Show certificate’ option.  Verify certification path named CCA India 2011.  Mark the certification path.  Click ‘Trust’ tab and then choose ‘Add to Trusted Identities’.  If any security questions appear, answer ok.  Check the filed ‘Use this certificate as a trusted root’.  Click ‘Ok’ to close this box.  Click on ‘Validate Signature’.  The signature validation execution will begin if any.