Sarabjeet Critical: Sarabjeet’s Family Going to Lahore Today

Sarabjeeth Singh

Sarabjeet Critical: Sarabjeet’s Family Going to Lahore Today

Sarabjeet Critical: Sarabjeet’s  Family Going to Lahore Today

Islamabad: The condition of Sarabjeet Singh who is severely injured in the attack of his fellow prisoners in Pakistan is very critical.  Presently he is in coma and he is on ventilator, informed doctors.  Surgery cannot be performed until his condition improves.  Sarabjeet is in Lahore prison since 23 years and he was attacked by fellow prisoners on Friday.

Sarabjeet was admitted into ICU of Jinnah government hospital for emergency surgery.  As he is in coma and there is internal bleeding due to injuries on the head and thus surgery could not be performed, informed the authorities.  Hospital sources informed that the coming 24 hours are very crucial for him, revealed Pakistan news channels.

Pakistan foreign affairs ministry announced for the first time that Sarabjeet was attacked by fellow prisoners and is in coma.  He is admitted into the hospital for emergency surgery, the ministry said.  It also informed that two officials of Indian Embassy in Islamabad visited the victim and doctors explained his condition to them. Akbaruddin, Pakistan Foreign affairs representative said doctors have taken x-rays, MRI and CT scan of Sarabjeet.  Sarabjeet’s wife and daughter are demanding that he should be shifted to another hospital for better treatment.

Attempt to murder case is failed against the two prisoners who severely injured Sarabjeet.  Jail authorities revealed that cases were filed against the two prisoners under various section.  Though the officials are saying that two prisoners attacked Sarabjeet, according to reliable sources at least six prisoners attacked Sarabjeet.  Pakistan Human Rights Commission suggested the government to enquire and punish those who are responsible for the attack.

Sarabjeet’s family members will be leaving for Lahore today.  Pak foreign affairs office issued 15 days visa to Sarabjeet’s wife, daughters and his sister.  Pakistan officials will allow one of the family members to stay with Sarab in the hospital.  Two Indian retired judges will visit the Lahore jail.  Sarabjeet seemed to have informed to the authorities that since Afzal Guru was hanged by the Indian government, his fellow passengers are torturing him.  A guard always accompanies Sarabjeet but he also could not save him.  Sarabjeet was given capital punishment by Pakistan government in Lahore, Faisalabad bomb blasts case in 1990.  Benazir Bhutto government changed the punishment to life imprisonment.

This is the second time that Pakistan prisoners attacked an Indian prisoner.  On 15th January Chamel Singh was attacked by prisoners and killed him.  While local media informed that Chamel Singh was tortured to death, Jail senior superintendent said he died due to heart attack.