Kodandaram Given Bail by Alampur Court

Kodandaram Given Bail by Alampur Court

Mahaboobnagar: Mahaboobnagar: Prof Kodandaram and other TRS, JAC leaders were given bail on 23rd  March, 2013.  Telangana JAC Chairman Kodandaram, TRS leader Eetela Rajender, MLA Jupalli Krishna Rao, ex MP Jitender Reddy and Srinivas Goud were arrested during Sadak Bandh program.  Alampur court rejected their bail petitions on 22nd March and asked them to file petition at district court.  Since the court issued bail, the leaders were released from the Mahaboobnagar district jail at 8.00 pm on Saturday.  Local leaders welcomed them with garlands.

Alampur court issued bail to eight persons including Kodandaram, Eetala Rajender, Srinivas Goud, Jupalli Krishnarao and Jitender Reddy on Saturday.  Rs. 10,000 bond was furnished for each.  The magistrate then asked the Mahaboob Nagar jail superintendent to release the arrested.

Kodandaram given bail

High drama continued at Alampur court and the Mahaboob Nagar district court till 5.30 pm on Saturday regarding bail issue of Kodandaram.  Thousands of Telangana people waited eagerly for the bail.  The three accused who were absconding – Gattu Timmappa, Tummal Ravi. Kaveti Sammayya were also surrendered before court and petitions were filed to issue bail.

Meanwhile Telangana Congress MPs Manda Jagannatham, Rajaiah, ex MP KK came to Mahaboobnagar district court to meet the TJAC leaders who were in remand.  Telangana supporters tried to attack them.  Police and TRS leaders tried hard to send them safely.

Eetela Rajender commented that their arrests are the indication of Andhra Leaders arrogance, particularly chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy.  Kodandaram said if the government tries to suppress the movement it will only rebound with equal force.  He added that they are not afraid of any cases or arrests.  Three other leaders who surrendered to court on Saturday were remanded to judicial custody for 14 days.  Earlier, TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao came to Mahaboobnagar sub jail to meet the arrested leaders.  He said to the media that the arrest of Kodandaram and others in undemocratic and people would teach a lesson to the government.

Kodandaram is presently working as professor of political science in PG College Secunderabad under Osmania University.  Srinivas Goud is Deputy Commissioner of Rajendranagar.  It was feared that if they are not given bail. They would be suspended from as they are government employees.  Any government employee staying in remand for 48 hours will lose the job.

Nearly 9,000 people staged demonstrations condemning the arrests of Kodandaram, TRS and TJAC leaders.  The police brought the situation under control.