Andhra Pradesh Budget 2013-14: User Charges in Registration and Transport Department may Increase

Andhra Pradesh Budget 2013-14: User Charges in Registration and Transport Department may Increase

Hyderabad: Government of Andhra Pradesh wants to increase the revenue through user charges and it has set targets for all the departments in the budget presented yesterday.  Registration and transports departments are given huge targets.

User charges revenue for the year 2013-14 is decided as Rs. 737 crores and it was Rs. 42 crores in 2012-13. It is now a big questions how government will earn this additional revenue.  One way is to introduce new services to user charges.  Another way is to increase the user charge rates.  Land prices are going to be increased from 1st April, 2013.  It is expected that ser charges will also be increase them.  State government has already transferred various services to mee-seva except registration services and is earning good revenue.

User Charges in Budget 2013-14

Registration department in Andhra Pradesh earned Rs. 39 crores in 2011-12 through user charges.  It is clearly indicated now that all the departments will now collect user charges to reach their targets.   The services which are now provided for free by the departments will now be charged.  The proposal for user charges target in 2012-13 was Rs. 48 crores but it has earned Rs. 305 crores.  In 2013-14 budget, revenue from user charges is shown as Rs. 557 crore.

Andhra Pradesh state government has also ordered transports department to collect Rs. 711 crore additional user charges from people in the year 2013-14.  Transport department is given an additional 28% extra target for transport department.  Transport authorities are planning to collect 20% of their target from inspection of vehicles.  There is every chance that for every minor mistake, vehicle drivers will be hugely fined.  Lifetime tax for cars is going to be increased from 12% to 14%. Autos, trolleys and tractors will also be brought under lifetime tax. The tax on company owned vehicles is going to be increased from 4% to 15%.  All these proposals are pending in chief minister’s office.